Your ideal haircut according to your zodiac sign!

Your Ideal Haircut According To Your Zodiac Sign!

Let the stars guide you for your next look change, taking a look at the haircut that would be IDEAL, according to your zodiac sign. You will see that it fits your tastes!



Did you know that layered haircuts give you more sex appeal? So is! And since we know that your sign is fire, you can take advantage of this style so that your hair is the best weapon when it comes to igniting instincts and intense emotions.


Sagittarius Haircut

The good vibes and optimism of this zodiac sign are summed up in a medium length haircut with side bangs. It has that sparkle that gives harmony and grace to your face, while the length is kept in the middle, without being too exaggerated.


Capricorn haircut

long bob with soft waves is made for you, as it is easy to style, looks cool and makes you look sophisticated the way you like it, without taking hours of styling! In addition, the catwalks have defined that it is the favourite cut for 2021.


Aquarium Haircut

Your rebellious and energetic personality makes the riskiest cuts, like the pixie or garçon, fit like a glove. If you dare to wear them, do not forget to combine them with your favourite accessories to give a touch of fun to your look.


Pisces Haircut

The long hair (below the shoulders and before the hips) and with curtain bangs, perfectly describe this zodiac sign: it is a romantic, tender, dreamy style, at the same time that you have the opportunity to experiment with hairstyles outside the usual.


Aries Haircut

We know that you have an adventurous soul, positive and unafraid of exploring new horizons, so you need a cut that you can style or let go outdoors, without complications, like the bob carré. It is a short hair with paraded ends and Parisian bangs that will give you a lot of styles, effortlessly!


Taurus Haircut

You who are always in search of the cuts that make you look more classy and beautiful, bet on long hair in a V! You can style it in loose or Hollywood waves for a red carpet look, spiked out to look sexy, or super-polished straight to look elegant.


Gemini Haircut

The haircut that brings out your creative, unusual and outgoing side is the asymmetrical midi. Break with the ‘normal’ rules and take advantage of your features, whether you wear it straight, wavy or curly.


Cancer Haircut

That inside of you that is loving, understated and decisive can be projected outward with a blunt cut. It’s totally straight, shiny, classic, and emphasizes the sweetest features about you. Do you like it? Ask your stylist to make it look perfect!


Leo Haircut

The horoscope knows that you are an outstanding person, with a strong character and also very friendly. Speaking of haircuts, this translates into a mullet that, remember, is unusual for being long at the back and short at the front.



The traditional bob cut is a must-have for Virgos. The reason? It is simple, harmonious, timeless and, when styled with an impeccable and radiant straight, it highlights the dominant temperament. Combine this haircut with your ideal lip color, according to your zodiac sign.


Pound Haircut

Confidence, self-confidence and your love of trends are pillars that define you, right? For this reason, a genderless cut –or one that does not distinguish between one gender and another– is for you! It’s hot on the catwalks for 2021 and gives you a radical makeover.

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