This is how you should apply the shampoo to give hair volume

This Is How You Should Apply The Shampoo To Give Hair Volume

The secret to keeping your hair frizz-free and full of the body is behind these tricks that reveal how to apply shampoo to give hair volume. Discover them!

To find out exactly what to do, here are the secrets of how to apply the volumizing shampoo and other expert tips that will leave you more astonished than ever with the hyper bulky and frizz-free result.

Don’t Go Overboard With The Amount Of Shampoo

Don't go overboard with the amount of shampoo

One of the keys to keeping your hair light, voluminous and full-bodied, is about putting in the correct amount of your hair products. In the case of shampoo, the ideal is to apply what fits in a teaspoon if you have short hair, or in two if you have XL hair.

Overdoing it will add weight to the hair, causing the entire natural dimension to drop.

Apply The Shampoo In This Way

Apply the shampoo in this way

Acclaimed celebrity stylist and editor Christophe Robin revealed to The New York Times the golden secret to hair volume all day long: “Soap only the roots of your hair with your fingertips – not your nails. -, avoiding the tips. To increase volume and circulation, do it with your head upside down ”. OMG!

Be Careful With The Conditioner!

Be careful with the conditioner!

So that your hair does not lose any volume with the conditioner, you can apply it only to the ends or replace it with another tip from the famous Christophe Robin: “Before shampooing, apply vegetable oil to the ends and brush it to extend it. Ideally, you should leave it on overnight, but 15 minutes will suffice. It’s the best way to skip using conditioner – I don’t like conditioners, they can weigh your hair down.

Drying Matters Too

Drying matters too

If you’ve followed all the steps, give yourself time to dry your hair and avoid ruining the previous work. The expert tip is to dry it with the head turned, crunching with the towel and without rubbing. (Friction only causes the hair cuticles to split open, dull and frizz.) After removing the excess water, you can use the dryer on medium heat, always passing it in the same direction.

And voila! If you get here, we’ll give you an extra tip: the dry Shampoo 
also gives volume, so use it on the days you want a mane huge, without washing.

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