The Importance Of Using Strong Passwords

In this globalized world, almost all of us handle our affairs online, using our mobile, PC or tablet. Something as simple as accessing our income deposited in the bank usually requires a secure password or even several, depending on the type of service (credit cards, access to the online account, confirmation of bank transfers).

Wi-Fi networks, emails, social networks and a host of other services also force us to use strong passwords to prevent the theft of our data or the usurpation of our identity. Practically to use any digital activity you need a username and password.

When it is up to a user to create a password, they almost always consider ease of remembering it as the main factor. At that point, the usual mistakes when creating weak passwords begin, such as choosing the name of a relative, the name of a pet or dates of birth.

Tips For Creating Strong Passwords

Although there are no infallible passwords, we can take into account some tips that will make us generate complex passwords that are easy to remember. Avoid future problems with any of your accounts by following the tips below to set a strong password.

  • One of the best tricks to remember passwords is to use a phrase that you can easily remember and extract the key from it. In this way, very complex keys can be achieved that we will never forget. For example, from the phrase ” The country of beautiful women609060 “, the password could be deduced: ” Epdmh609060 “, (the number is the famous ideal measurements in a woman).
  • You can use the above method with the phrase from a favourite song or movie that you like.
  • You can also make up a phrase that doesn’t make much sense to others. Create your own meaningless sentence, it is not so easy to remember but it will increase the difficulty. For example “ LluviaDeSolFrio” (from the phrase, Lluvia De SolFrio ).
  • There are random phrase generation methods for passwords like DicewareUsing this method, by rolling dice several times, we can generate random phrases by consulting a reference table of English words. You can see more details about this method and check the word tables by doing a simple Google search.

Best Practices In Using Passwords

For whatever secure password change alternatives you decide to use, remember that they are all vulnerable. Therefore, we recommend:

  • Change them frequently.
  • Do not generate a short password or with your personal data.
  • Do not use the same password in different services. It is a very common and very dangerous practice.
  • Do not leave the default password in any service or software.
  • A strong password is personal and non-transferable, do not divulge it.
  • Make sure to associate an email and mobile phone with your most important accounts, to be able to recover them in case of emergency.
  • Provide yourself, if possible, with an application that allows you to validate yourself with two factors (for example password + security questions ) as banks do.

The Risks Of An Insecure Password

The world of malware and cybercrime evolves at the same time as technology and user protection systems . Not only are bank accounts or passwords for social networks stolen, it is very common for hackers to try to steal subscription accounts to services such as Netflix, HBO, Spotify or even video game platforms.

Cybercriminals resell stolen user accounts and the legitimate user may find that they cannot use the service or that someone has changed their password. Account theft is especially widespread in music streaming applications, so it is highly recommended to change the password for Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music or Google Play Music periodically.

The usurpation of our identity on social networks can also be very dangerous, not so much for us as for our relatives and acquaintances. What if you are living abroad and someone from your Facebook account asks your family for money for an emergency? Do you think all your friends would use an antivirus if they receive a message from you with an attachment?

Being extremely careful is important today, but it will be increasingly so in the coming years, where the world will continue to be interconnected and we may even need a password to prepare a coffee.

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