Sun Creams Are Not Enough Avoid Stains And Wrinkles By Opting For Products With Sunscreen

Sun Creams Are Not Enough: Avoid Stains And Wrinkles By Opting For Products With Sunscreen

Wherever you go, or even if in the end you decide to stay at home, you will surely end up enjoying what is undoubtedly the best time of the year. But also the most dangerous for the skin. And not only because of the well-known diseases that the sun can cause on the skin, but because several days without taking care of your face during the summer can spoil all the work you have been doing the rest of the year with your daily routine.

An example? As during these months we usually spend a lot of time in the water, the skin becomes very dry. So it loses its hydration levels… and it is easier for the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines to accelerate! That is why at Mary Kay we have opted for something more than sun creams , which only protect from ultraviolet rays. But they do not solve the different needs of your skin, much less repair its problems, as if the following products that we are going to recommend do. Pay attention!

All the hydration that sun creams won’t give you… you’ll get it with these moisturizing creams with sun protection!

In fact, my friend, at Mary Kay we have four different kinds of moisturizer with sun protection . All will help you avoid the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, while becoming an essential part of your skin care routine. Take note!

  • Are you in your twenties or almost 30? We have a face cream designed for you with the best sunscreen. And it is that, when you have not yet reached your thirties, your beauty routine should focus on preventing the signs of aging. Which you can do with our TimeWise® Collection , which includes a highly nourishing Day Cream. By using it in the morning as soon as you get up, its SPF 30 facial sunscreen will protect you during the day, while leaving your face with smoother, softer and more elastic skin. And with a much more unified and illuminated tone! In addition, this moisturizer with sun protection is available for normal/dry and combination/oily skin. 
  • When you are already reaching 50… sun creams are more important than ever. But what we offer you at Mary Kay is a 2×1. In other words, a moisturizing day cream with broad-spectrum facial sunscreen (SPF 30) , like the one you’ll see in the photo on the right, which at the same time acts like the famous anti-aging creams. Because its formula will help you recover your facial contour by using it every morning before leaving home. You will see. You’re going to love the effects of this sunscreen anti-wrinkle cream (part of our TimeWise Repair® collection )!
  • Protect yourself from the sun and (at the same time) pamper your skin as if you were in a spa? There are few sun creams that will offer you such an experience. The good news is that at Mary Kay we have a collection called Botanical Effects® , which includes a face cream to start the day with SPF 30 . Its formula has been composed with extracts of aloe vera and dragon fruit, perfect for your skin, in addition to receiving the best sun protection for the face, to enjoy a boost of antioxidants. Goodbye wrinkles, spots and… now also goodbye to the lack of lighting on the face!
  • For men’s skin… a moisturizer with sun protection like the one in our MKMen® collection . Apart from including SPF 30, its hydration of more than 10 hours is ideal for you to go out in the morning well protected. And with a sensation of freshness that will not give your face shine or the horrible greasy effect. And as if that were not enough, it has an antioxidant effect with which your skin will gain in luminosity!

This summer you can also opt for makeup with sunscreen… thus avoiding covering your face with sunscreen!

Indeed, friend, you read correctly. In case you haven’t seen it yet at marykay , we have a Makeup Pre-Base with SPF 15 Medium Protection for sale (in the image on the left). And what are its benefits? Well very easy. To be ready before going out to eat with friends, or a summer wedding during the day, you will not need to cover your face with several layers of cosmetics . It will be enough to clean your face in the morning, apply the face cream that best suits you and, right after, with this primer you will leave your skin more than ready to add your favorite makeup.

But not only that. Our makeup primer is going to become an essential in your makeup bag . The reason? It comes in a light gel format that glides easily on the skin of the face, hiding imperfections, drying instantly and with a matte finish … so you can say goodbye to the greasy effect! Because, is there anything more terrible than going outside in the middle of summer looking like you’re sweating every moment? The time has come to avoid it!

Also don’t forget these moisturizing essentials for June, July and August

Knowing that traditional sunscreens won’t offer you the hydration of the Mary Kay products discussed above, we wanted to introduce you to some additional options to keep you radiant. We already explained many of them in this blog post! Like Mary Kay Naturally™ Nourishing Oil (on the right), you can throw it in your bag, head to the beach, and after a long day in the water, the natural ingredients in this moisturizing oil will nourish the ends of your hair. Or the cuticles, elbows, knees and ankles, just like the Mary Kay Naturally™ Moisturizing Bar does with a super comfortable format to take wherever you go.

And to refresh the skin after sunbathing? Very easy. In that case, yes or yes, you have to opt for the Peel Off Metallic Facial Mask . Although it is true that it is mainly intended as a first step before applying your makeup, this mask will refresh and calm your skin with hyaluronic acid, peony water and antioxidant ingredients. Run to buy it because it is limited edition!

And speaking of shopping, did you know that at Mary Kay there are four different ways to purchase our products?

Whether it’s your alternatives to sun creams, the latest in cosmetics and makeup, a fragrance with which to surprise your partner or friends, or a set to complete your routine, each and every one of the Mary Kay products is at your disposal at through the following four options

  • ExpressConnect. You can place your order from home, quickly, through a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant who, after filling in your contact information, will send you your products. We explain the steps here!
  • Beauty Sessions. If you haven’t heard of them, it’s a face-to-face and fun way to learn how to get the most out of yourself, hand in hand with a Consultant and with your friends. You will have an unforgettable time! And you can try the latest Mary Kay products and buy on the spot (without any commitment) the ones you like the most. Also, learn here about the discounts you can get if you become a Mary Kay Beauty Session Hostess!

  • Suite 13. We have already told you about this interactive experience many times. Accessing it from marykay or through this link, you will enter a virtual world of glamor and beauty, where you will be able to discover our latest releases and their secrets. And if they convince you, in just one click you can get hold of them without having to leave home!
  • Interactive catalogs. You have to discover them now, friend. What does it consist on? They are like a magazine, but in which you will see and read everything new from the Mary Kay universe in an interactive way. Relax, take a look at the June catalog (every month there is a new one!) and get the products that will best highlight your face. From a moisturizing cream with sun protection (much more complete than sun creams) to… the essentials you are looking for for a 100% unforgettable summer!

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