Side braids to style round faces

Side Braids To Style Round Faces

Sideways hairstyles really look good on round faces and braids aren’t far behind. Discover how to wear them to stylize your face!

Round-faced celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Selena Gomez, and Isla Fisher have a few tricks to make their faces look slimmer, and one of them is hairstyles! In fact, the side braids make the features look more harmonious and balanced since they play with the angularity of the face by leaving loose parts and others collected. For this reason, we look for the best and easiest for you to try at home and right now we show you how to wear them.

But first of all, how do you know if you have a round face? Stand in front of the mirror and see if your facial contours are smooth and have no angles. Now, check if your cheekbones are bigger than the jaw and forehead. If you answered yes to these questions, your face is rounded!

Side Braids For Round Faces

Side Braided Ponytail

Side braided ponytail

Gather all your hair to the side that best suits you and make a thick French braid from one side of the forehead to the opposite end of the nape. Secure all hair with a ponytail band, curl the ends for a fuller result and tousle a couple of strands in the front.

Four Strand Braid

Four strand braid

Brush your mane, give it movement with a volumizer and pass all the strands to one side of the neck. Now, make a side parting and twist this portion of “fringe” towards the end where the rest of the hair is. When you have all the strands together, divide them into quarters and make a four-strand braid until you reach the ends.

Loose Hair + Thin Braid

Loose Hair + Thin Braid

The braids side are great to create a lengthening effect on the round faces and this is one of the most effective. It consists of curling the ends of the mane, drawing a short side parting and braiding the line down, passing behind the ear. The rest of the hair is loose on the opposite side of the braid, leaving a part of the neck exposed.

Braid Pin

Loose hair + thin braid

It involves weaving a herringbone braid starting from one side of the forehead, passing behind the head and ending at the ear of the opposite end. The result is a kind of half-crown that results in a truly romantic, charming, sexy and quick hairstyle to do.

Braids With Ponytail

Braids with ponytail

It is a very easy hairstyle with braids that appears to have a lot of production behind. How to do it? Create volume at the top of the head, make Hollywood waves in the hair and style a couple of braids on the side. Therefore, tie all the hair into a side ponytail at the nape of the neck and cover the elastic with a strand. Drop a few hairs on the side you prefer and voila!

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