Priyanka Chopra tells the whole truth about the cosmetic operation of her nose but not by choice.

Priyanka Chopra Tells The Whole Truth About The Cosmetic Operation Of Her Nose

Few celebrities are as honest as Priyanka about their aesthetic touch-ups.

To begin with, the touch-up was not exactly aesthetic: in 2001, when she had already won the Miss World pageant, she had to undergo surgery to fix what seemed like a rebellious sinusitis. “I had trouble breathing, and since I have asthma it was something I couldn’t let go of. So I was seen by a doctor who recommended a friend of the family, who discovered that I had a polyp in my nasal cavity and that it had to be removed with surgery.

Priyanka Chopra tells the whole truth about the cosmetic operation of her nose

So he underwent an operation that seemed routine that ended up complicating: “While removing the polyp, he unintentionally scraped my nasal bridge and my whole nose collapsed. When the bandages were removed and my mother and I saw the state of my nose we were left horrified: my original nose was gone, my face looked totally different and I was no longer me, “he reveals. And here began a real tragedy for her, who was already very famous and basically worked with her image: the media began to call her ‘ Plastic Chopra ‘ because they thought that she had undergone cosmetic surgery to change the shape of her nose, that she did not it had been far from as she wanted.

She decided to keep what had happened a secret – when she could have shut up all those haters – and kept working while undergoing other interventions (this time aesthetic) to rebuild her nose and make it look more ‘normal’. Although, as Chopra recounts, it took him years to get used to his new look because, after all, he was still not his usual.

So it seems that the issue of Priyanka Chopra’s changing nose is cleared up, which changed but not by choice.

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