Prevent Diabetes With A Good Breakfast

Prevent Diabetes With A Good Breakfast

It is not good or advisable to skip breakfast in the morning or eat too frugal. A good breakfast can prevent diabetes among other benefits. However, a meagre breakfast, the classic drunk coffee with milk or worse, dispensing with this intake only causes risks that we must know to try to change this unhealthy habit.

People who start the day with a balanced breakfast better control their blood glucose levels, thus serving as a way to prevent diabetes, as well as providing their body with energy and necessary nutrients. Otherwise, the presence of metabolic problems and obesity, as well as cardiovascular disorders, is favoured.

This was expressed by Marisol Olarra, nutrition coordinator of the Mexican Diabetes Federation, during the workshop Cooking and living with diabetes organized by the Danish company Novo Nordisk.

In the first place, there is a greater risk of suffering from constipation, fatigue, dizziness and even developing metabolic syndrome, characterized by (hypercholesterolemia, hyperglycemia, hypertriglycerinemia, low levels of HDL (good cholesterol), hypertension and abdominal obesity), all with the consequent cardiovascular risk involved, in fact, the journal Public Health Nutrition recently showed ” that adolescents who eat little or nothing breakfast are 68% more likely to develop this syndrome .”

This increase in cardiovascular risk was also reflected in a study by the Harvard University School of Public Health, published in ” Circulation “, among its conclusions that men who do not eat breakfast have a greater risk of suffering a heart attack or a heart attack. heart ischemia problem. “Skipping breakfast can lead to one or more risk factors such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, which in turn can lead to a heart attack.”

A Proper Breakfast

If we want to make a balanced intake, we must bear in mind that breakfast should provide us with approximately 20% of the caloric intake of the day, the rest should be distributed throughout the day. A copious dinner in addition to causing us heavy digestion that makes it difficult to sleep increases the risk of being overweight and obese.

According to experts, when there is a prolonged fast and then we eat a lot of food, it is easier for the calories provided to accumulate in the form of fat(Prolonged fasting causes the body to perceive that food will not be consumed in the short term, adapting to it and trying to conserve enough energy to resist the rest of the day, causing an unexpected weight gain).

The body mass index (BMI) is higher in people who skip breakfast or transform it into an inadequate and insufficient intake.

The body mass index (BMI) is higher in people who skip breakfast or transform it into an inadequate and insufficient intake.

In addition, according to the specialist of the Mexican Diabetes Federation, it is a bad habit to subject the body to a prolonged fast, but it is even more harmful to the body when the fast is finished, since according to this action it favors the risk of developing diabetes.

Throughout the year and until November 14, World Diabetes Day will develop a campaign called “Blue Breakfasts” , an initiative of the International Diabetes Federation in which it will inform how to prepare balanced meals, divide between cereals, fruits, vegetables and portions of animal origin that do not exceed 400 kilo-calories and meet the appropriate nutritional value .

A good breakfast requires enough time to taste it and must include a dairy (milk, yogurt, fresh cheese), cereals or bread (better whole grains ), whole fruit that in addition to having abundant fiber is “satiating” and include some protein food, for example a low-fat sausage such as chicken or turkey cold cuts and water.

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