Pistol squats: the squats of the famous to have a butt of 10

Pistol Squats – The Squats Of The Famous To Have A Butt Of 10

Its name: pistol squats. Their goal: to make your bubbles look perfectly round. This is the most complicated squat, but most efficient to have glutes like the famous ones.

The squat with one leg or pistol squats are an advanced exercise (yes, honestly, it is a bit complicated to do) that is done with body weight or if you require, light weights, to increase both the strength of the legs, as well as improve balance and gluteal volume).

How Are Pistol Squats Made?

For pistol squats you need to be standing up straight. Spread your legs at shoulder height and raise your leg to begin to descend by bending the knee of the other leg (keep your arms extended for balance). Bring your buttocks up to the level of the knee that you have on the floor and raise your hips, always keeping your back in position and without detaching the other skin from the floor.

How Are Pistol Squats Made?

This one leg squat is tricky, so you must have a lot of resistance in your legs to successfully pull off the exercise. If you are a beginner, do not worry, you can practice this exercise by leaning on a chair with which you will sit when doing the pistol squad (in this way you will begin the training of the legs and buttocks to achieve it). Later you can ally yourself with a tube to perform an assisted squat so that you can go up and down easily and then with a bench so that the height helps you get your legs used to this movement and later help yourself with weights, so that they are your axis and you can keep your balance.

TIP G: The pistol squads are an exercise that has to be done progressively until it is completely achieved, so you need to start small to achieve excellent results.

What Muscles Do Pistol Squats Work?

To perform this one-legged squat correctly, you need strength in your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and hips, as well as all the muscles in the lower knee area (which are calves, feet and above all, knowing how to maintain a stabilization). tendons and ligaments around the ankle joint, Mansour adds. So the entire area of ​​your booty will work, so you will increase volume and firmness with one movement!

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