Om Tattoo Meaning: So Many Fantastic Ideas For Inspiration

Let’s discover together the history and the meaning of the tattoo with the Om symbol.

Om Tattoo

As we have seen, many of the oriental symbols have become part of the tattoo world.

In this article we will discover the meaning of the Om symbol, We will also go to see a gallery with many ideas to be inspired by tattoos with this really beautiful and original symbol.

What Is Om?

Om is one of the most famous Hindu symbols and contains numerous meanings related to spirituality and the origin of the world.

Graphically it is divided into five partsa point, a curved line below the point, a curl to the right, a large curl and a small curve immediately above.
Each of these parts assumes a particular meaning related to the consciousness of the individual.

Meaning of OM

  • Turiya: represents the so-called absolute consciousness, which is the maximum point of spirituality where the individual is aware of himself and of what surrounds him.
  • Maya: this part of the symbol represents Maya or illusion. We can define Maya as what seeks to prevent the individual from reaching absolute consciousness. To remedy this state it is necessary to open the mind.
  • Sushupti: symbolizes the dream.
  • Jagrat: This curl, which is the widest, represents the waking state, consciousness and the experience of the five senses.
  • Savpna: the small curve immediately above the waking state represents instead the unconscious state that is reached during deep sleep.

In addition, according to Hindu tradition, the bambulè also represents the sound from which the universe originated and is closely related to meditation.

However, the main meanings of this symbol are:

  • true
  • creation
  • whole
  • evolution
  • holiness
  • spirituality
  • awareness

Different Scripts

As we have seen, OM is linked to different Asian cultures.
The original bambule, that’s what we saw in the previous paragraph, derives from two devanāgarī characters, a very old alphabet.

However, we can say that there are more types of Om, at least graphically: in fact, each Asian script displays this symbol in a different way.
Let’s see how it changes.

Om in different script

We can see how, depending on the language in which it is written, this symbol changes radically with respect to aesthetics: this does not happen with the meaning.

However, one of the most appreciated forms is that of the Tibetan om.

Om Drug

It seemed right to write a little paragraph about the (wrong) association between the OM symbol and the drug.
As we have seen, the om is a sacred symbol linked to the conception of the universe, meditation and consciousness.
The juxtaposition with drugs stems from the fact that, in the 1970s and 1980s, many Westerners associated it with light drugs because, according to them, “they resembled two lips that expelled smoke.”

This is obviously not the case and we hope we have clarified this aspect in the previous paragraphs.

Om Tattoo – Various Designs

Om Tattoo - Various Designs

As we have seen in other articles, many of the symbols linked to the Tibetan, Buddhist and Hindu cultures have become part of the art of tattooing.
Even if their meanings are numerous and sometimes difficult to explain, OM is no less!

In most cases, it is associated with other elements that help clarify and amplify its meaning.
Let’s see together what they are.

Om Tattoo With Hamsa Hand

Om tattoo with hamsa hand

The Hamsa hand, also called the Hand of Fatima, has deep symbolism linked to magic and faith and is also used as a protective amulet.
Its main meaning is that of protection against misfortunes, anxieties and evil in general.

The juxtaposition with the Om symbol amplifies the mystical sense and makes the idea of ​​a person self-aware of their religiosity.

Om With Lotus Flower

Om with lotus flower

As we have seen in various articles, the lotus flower is a particularly widespread element in eastern cultures, especially in Buddhism.
The symbolism of this flower is linked to puritybeauty and rebirth.

Bring the lotus to the OM symbol of the idea of ​​a spiritual rebirth also due to meditation.

Om with the Unalome

Om with the Unalome

L ‘ Unalome is a particularly popular symbol in tattoos.
You can learn more about this by reading our Tattoo Unalome article.

However, the combination with the Bambulè symbol amplifies the spiritual meaning of the tattoo.

Om With The Elephant

The elephant is a sacred and revered animal in many eastern cultures.

It is often approached with the om because of its ties to Buddhism and Hinduism and to the spirituality of the individual.

Om Tattoo with Buddha

Om Tattoo with Buddha

Even the Buddha is often compared to the Om symbol tattoo because this syllable is part of the tradition of Buddhism.

Om Tattoo Ideas

After seeing the meaning of this symbol both in the tattoo and in general, we move on to the most anticipated paragraph: tattoo ideas.
Below you will find a well-stocked gallery with many ideas to inspire you to create original and fantastic designs.

As always, you will find the credits of the various artists in the lower right corner of each photo – if you like their style and want to keep up to date on their work, follow them on Instagram!

Om Tattoo Ideas

Om Tattoo Ideas

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