Make Your Own Makeup Remover, 5 Natural And Effective Recipes

Make Your Own Makeup Remover, 5 Natural And Effective “Recipes”

You have to remove your make-up. It is mandatory to do so and depending on your skin type you will have to use one type of product or another. From Knowi you know that we bet on the natural and homemade, so we suggest that you make your own make-up remover and here are five recipes:

Olive Oil And Lemon Make-Up Remover, For Dry Skin.

200 grams of olive oil.
10 grams of soy lecithin.
10 grams of lemon juice.

Olive oil, lemon and soy lecithin together have abundant vitamins C and E and therefore have antioxidant, disinfectant and nourishing properties, as well as being well-tolerated and easily absorbed by the skin.

Chamomile And Olive Oil Make-Up Remover.

This is a very popular homemade eye makeup remover, and chamomile is an excellent ingredient for caring for sensitive eyes and reducing the inflammation and puffiness of bags and dark circles. When you go to remove make-up, prepare a chamomile infusion and let it cool. Then, soak a cotton ball and add a few drops of olive oil ready to apply!

Jojoba Oil Make-Up Remover.

This oil is great for removing all makeup without leaving traces and providing extra softness and elasticity to the eye contour area. To use it, mix one tablespoon of jojoba oil with two tablespoons of water and soak a cotton ball in the mixture. You will see how your skin begins to be softer and more protected.

Almond Oil Make-Up Remover.

Almond oil has fully entered the world of cosmetics and, due to its magnificent moisturizing properties, it is a very effective natural alternative for the skin and also to remove make-up from sensitive eyes. Pass a cotton ball with a few drops of almond oil directly over the eyes or mix it, if you prefer, with a little castor oil, ideal to strengthen and lengthen your eyelashes.

Raw Milk Make-Up Remover.

Raw milk is one that has not been pasteurized or has undergone any chemical process. This type of milk contains cleansing properties and can be very useful for removing make-up from both the eyes and the skin. If you want to try this homemade eye make-up remover, you just have to soak a cotton ball with raw milk and remove all the paint with gentle movements. It is important that when finished, you rinse the entire area well.

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