Keeping Your Back Straight: A Set Of Exercises That Will Help Correct Posture

In the modern world, there is no person left who would not value his health, because good health is strength, energy and mood at a height. When it comes time to make a check-up, first of all, we are puzzled by the state of our internal organs: we donate blood, scan ourselves on x-rays and ultrasound. At the same time, unfortunately, we often forget to pay attention to the most important component of our body, which has a significant impact on physical and mental activity – the spine. A strong and straight back is the foundation of good health. What kind of workouts will help you maintain good posture or correct it if it is already damaged?

An even posture is a sign of nobility and good health, so you should watch your spine as closely as your teeth, hair and skin. Ever since school, we have remembered the importance of keeping our back straight. However, adult life and daily worries make their own adjustments: lack of physical activity (read, poorly developed muscles), stress and even an elementary lack of macro- and microelements have a negative impact on our musculoskeletal system. The most “popular” consequences of this lifestyle are slouching and scoliosis.

Anyone who has experienced back pain knows how many problems such a nuisance can cause, and this is completely logical. Various structures are attached to our spinal “frame” that support the vital activity of the whole organism, therefore, in case of posture disorders, the shock-absorbing capabilities of the spine are often reduced, as a result of which many organs suffer.

Do not be alarmed if the doctor has informed you that you have an initial stage of scoliosis or osteochondrosis, but you cannot let it go. Ultimately, a slight curvature caused by such a seemingly harmless reason as an imbalance in the work of muscles can lead to intervertebral hernias and other dystrophic changes.

Can Bad Posture Be Corrected?

The curvature of the spine is reversible in most cases, you just need to pay attention to this issue. It is recommended to start by levelling the muscle-tonic syndrome causing these excruciating back pain due to the appearance of spasms and trigger points. And the next stage is work on creating a strong and correct muscle corset.

Can Bad Posture Be Corrected

The most effective therapeutic technique is considered to be working with the spine on the suspension system according to the Export technique. During training, deep muscles are worked out, and neuromuscular stimulation is also applied. In other words, we learn to relax the compensatory muscles, create balance, and tune the brain for proper muscle control. The essence of the technique is to train muscles using their own weight in open and closed kinematic chains.

Under the supervision of professionals, the patient works out deep muscle spasms and trigger ropes, and gradually the tissues return to tone. Then the patient begins to receive adequate muscle stress (relaxation after training is mandatory!). Thus, there is a complete alignment of the muscular-tonic syndrome, a correct and healthy posture is created.

What Are The Consequences Of Improper Posture?

Incorrect posture can subsequently lead to:

The best exercises to strengthen your back and an even posture

  1. The curvature of the spine, which will inevitably lead to deformation of the diaphragm, which can lead to breathing problems.

  2. Displacement of the vertebrae and intervertebral hernias.

  3. The emergence of pressure on all internal organs.

  4. The emergence of the risk of complications in pregnant women.

  5. Constant pain, developing into osteochondrosis.

  6. Violation of blood circulation, headache, general malaise and rapid body fatigue. These are just a few of the problems that can arise from poor posture and weak back muscles.

The Best Exercises To Strengthen Your Back And An Even Posture

An effective solution to scoliosis in the early stages is sports, in particular, health-improving gymnastics. Posture exercises will help not only strengthen the muscle corset but also correct your posture.

The best exercises to strengthen your back and an even posture

Vertical Plane

The exercise is performed from a standing position with your back to the wall. The back of the head, shoulders, buttocks and heels must be pressed tightly with the body to the surface. This exercise must first be performed for 30 seconds and gradually increase the time to 1.5 minutes.


Performed from a standing position. You need to bend your torso and rest your hands on the wall so that they are parallel to the floor. It is necessary to bend in the back as much as possible. The exercise is performed in several sets of 30-60 seconds.


The exercise is performed from the lotus position. It is necessary to raise the left hand, bring it behind the back to the shoulder blade, bending at the elbow. Place your right hand behind your back so that your elbow touches your waist. You need to squeeze your hands into a lock (for relief, you can not clasp your hands, but pull the fingers of two hands towards each other). The exercise is performed for 30 seconds, after which you need to change hands.


It is performed from a standing position, legs are brought together, arms are lowered. Take your right leg back, tilt your body and spread your arms to the sides. Hold this position for 30-40 seconds. Repeat the exercise several times, alternately changing legs.

Holding An Item

This is a very effective posture exercise. Performed from a standing position. It is necessary to put an object on your head, for example, a book, and take a few steps forward, try not to drop the thing. Exercise develops not only posture but also a sense of balance. You need to try to go from the beginning to the end of the room.


You need to get on all fours, resting your palms on the floor. Next, you need to bend in the back and hold out in this position for a few seconds, then exhale and round the back. Do not bend only in the lower back, this can lead to injuries. The involvement of the entire spine, from the neck to the back and lower back, is very important. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.


You need to lie on your stomach, palms under your shoulders. Next, you need to raise the body, pushing off the floor with your hands, stretching your head up. Then straighten your arms completely. You need to stay in this position for 30-60 seconds, making several repetitions. Flexing the spine will help not only improve posture but also get rid of back pain.

An Effective Set Of Exercises For Posture For Every Day

This set of exercises can be performed every day or 3-4 times a week. If you experience uncomfortable and painful sensations, consult a trainer regarding the technique.

1. Rolling


Lie on the roll with the lower edge of the shoulder blades, support your head with your hands. Raise your pelvis and, pushing off with your feet, roll your upper back on a roll. 10-15 rolls. Shift body weight to the right side and roll it separately for 10-15 repetitions, then repeat on the left side

2. Stretching The Back

Starting position sitting, open the right leg to the side, bend the left leg. Bend to the right leg. On the inhalation, expand the chest upward from the leg, on exhalation downward toward the leg. Do 10 reps and stay at the extreme point, directing the belly towards the thigh. Hold for 30 seconds, repeat in the other direction.

3. Stretching The Neck Muscles

Stretching The Neck Muscles

The starting position is sitting (you can take any comfortable position), tilt your head to the right, put your left hand behind your back, helping yourself to pull your head to your shoulder with your right hand, hold it for 30 seconds. Then turn your head to your shoulder and hold for another 30 seconds. Repeat the other way

4. Improving the mobility of the thoracic back

Improving the mobility of the thoracic back

Lie on the roll with the lower edge of the shoulder blades, put your hands behind your head, slowly bend as you inhale, trying not to bend in the lower back. Do 10 slow reps, stay at the extreme point and hold for 30 seconds

5. Stretching The Pectoral Muscles

Stretching The Pectoral Muscles

Starting position sitting, take your arms back as far as possible. At the entrance, stretch your chest forward, at the exit, return to the starting position. Perform 10 slow reps, linger at the extreme point for 30 seconds

6. Swimming


The starting position is lying on your stomach, raising the opposite arm and leg, trying to create an extension behind the arm forward with the foot back. Eliminate the movement of the spine, perform movement only in the shoulder and hip joints. Perform 20 reps

7. Boat


The initial position is lying on your stomach, at the same time raising your arms and legs, creating an extension of the spine, exclude movement in the back. Perform 20 reps

8. Wave Spine

Wave Spine

The starting position is sitting on your heels, it is good to stretch your arms forward. Rounding the back, move to the position of the cat, continuing the movement to straighten the body and stretch the sternum forward, return to the starting position. Perform 10 slow reps

9. Dynamic Bar

Dynamic Bar

The starting position is the stop, align the body in a straight line, push the mat to the side with your hands, revealing the clavicle area. While inhaling, push off with your hands from the floor and stretch your pelvis up, well stretching the backline of the body, while exhaling, return to the plank position. Perform 10 reps

10. Turns into the T-bridge

Turns into the T-bridge

Starting position stop, turn into position T bridge, stretching well between the arms. Do 10 reps in each direction.

“Correct posture is an upright position of the body, which is feasible with strong and resilient muscles and an understanding of the brain how to maintain this position. For correct posture, mindful training, in which a person concentrates on the muscles, is suitable. These include Pilates, yoga, body ballet, animal flow, TRX and other areas where a person works with their own weight and at a calm or moderate pace. Only after the muscles wake up and the body is able to function correctly and for a long time, you can move on to training at a fast pace and high intensity. Compared to other options, this approach to training from simple to complex is the most effective and fastest. I do not recommend starting your workout with a run. Running is a constantly repetitive shock load that needs to be minimized by the muscles.”

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