How To Take Care For The Eye Contour

They say that the look is the mirror of the soul and the eye contour is the key to showing your best you. Do you also hate when after a bad night they tell you that you have a bad face? Puffy eyes, bags, and more marked wrinkles make caring for this area a priority. Still not taking care of your eye contour? Don’t panic, there is a solution!

Basic care for the eye contour

  1. As with the rest of the face, protecting yourself from the sun is very important! In this case, protect your eyes with glasses that filter UV rays during the day.
  2. Nor should you forget to hydrate yourself. Drinking lots of water is essential for your skin!
  3. Use a good eye make-up remover every night, don’t ever go to bed with your eyes made up!
  4. Sleep the necessary hours . 8 hours is ideal so that your eyes do not look tired. You should also avoid screens and mobile devices before going to bed … In short, give your eyes the calm they deserve!
  5. Of course, the most important step remains, hydrate and pamper this area with the appropriate products and gestures! This step is key to seeing a change in the short and long term. It is essential that you include specific products for the eye contour in your daily routine. It’s 30 seconds in the morning and at night and it will make a difference.

Myths And Truths About The Eye Contour!

Now a bit of general culture about this area of ​​the face. When to use it? Should they be specific products? How to apply it? Learn myths and truths about the eye contour and get rid of doubts!

Myth #1- Contouring Is Only For Mature Skin

Absolutely false! In fact, the sooner the better! It is recommended to start using the eye contour from the age of 25. You should know that skin is 4 times thinner than the rest of the body and needs more intensive specific care.

Myth #2- Cold Or Metal Applicators Are Good For The Area

True! The cold deflates and decongests this area and if the product is cool much better. Feel free to leave it in the fridge and apply it cold for greater effectiveness!

Myth # 3- Any Cream Can Be Used For This Area

Another resounding fake! Think that this area has its peculiarities and needs a specific product: anti-aging contour if you have crow’s feet; with a lifting effect, if you need to relax marked expression lines, with active decongestants to reduce the swelling of the bags, or soothing if your skin is sensitive.

Here you have a small selection of creams for the contour area that covers all your needs, you just have to choose yours!

Ideally, you should maintain your daily routine of specific hydration in the area around the eyes. You can use a contour during the day and, for example, a Repair Gel for the Eye Contour at night. This type of gel contour can be left in the refrigerator to tone, firm, and reduce the existing puffiness in the delicate area around the eyes.

Myth # 4-  If I Apply Eye Contour, I Should Not Apply On The Eyelid Or Tear 

True! When applying eye contour, try to avoid the tear duct area (the product can enter the eye) and the mobile eyelid. This area is more oily and you will over-hydrate causing it to swell and form folds.

Myth # 5- You Have To Apply Eye Contour Also At Night

True. Apart from applying it in the morning, include it in your nightly ritual as well. If you apply it morning and night, you increase their affectivity. First, clean your face, apply the serum, your night cream, and finish with the contour.

How To Apply The Eye Contour?

Keep in mind that the contour is one of the most delicate parts of the face and is usually where the passage of time begins to be noticed in the form of the first little wrinkles (the famous crow’s feet ) and marks of fatigue.

You have in your hands the power to improve your appearance and enjoy a neat and smooth eye contour, with less marked expression lines.

Pamper this area daily, day and night! The skin around the eyes needs a treatment that is very effective to respond to both its anti-aging demands and its sensitivity.

Apply an amount similar to a grain of rice for each eye.

Spread it with the tip of your ring finger ( aptly called the beauty finger) in small strokes to stimulate circulation. Do not stretch the skin around the eyes and very gently move your finger from near the tear duct to the side of the eye, near the temple, where the first lines of expression appear. Then apply a little contour on the brow bone also with small touches and with the same finger. Remember to exclude the eyelids and the tear duct.

Do not forget that if you leave your contour in the fridge, you will get better results.

Another trick in case you have an event/wedding and your dark circles and bags are very visible, is to moisten some cotton balls in the eye cream, place them in the freezer for a few minutes and then apply to the area. The cold will create a vasoconstrictor effect and will cause an acceleration of blood flow, deflating the eyelid. To finish, do a typing facial gymnastics. You will see the difference!

And you may wonder, What is the facial gymnastics of typing? With your ring finger, lightly touch the area around the dark circles and upper eyelid to activate circulation.

Eye Patches: Flash Treatment For A Tired Look

Do you know what eye patches are? They are small crescent-shaped eye masks that hydrate, refresh, calm, and decongest the contour area. Its application twice a week will make you go from a tired look to a full of life quickly.

The patches Hydrogel for Eye is perfect to revitalize tired eyes and give you a boost of hydration. If you haven’t tried them already, you have to! It takes only 20 minutes and reduces the tired appearance and puffiness of the eyes. Also, if you want an extra feeling of freshness, we recommend that you store the patches in the refrigerator.

Combine It With Your Masks In A Multi-Masking Session

These little eye masks are perfect to combine with your masks in a beauty session. For example, multi masking and applying the eye patches in the area around the eye.

Take advantage of those 20 minutes of beauty to do complete multi masking on the entire face and providing each area with the specific needs it needs! Apply your favorite masks and enjoy a few moments for yourself. 

How To Make Up The Eye Contour Area?

The last step for a perfect eye contour would be makeup. Make sure that everything you apply in the area around the eye is always of quality: a good concealer of a shade lighter than your skin color. To camouflage dark circles and give more light to this part, never opt for dark tones, as it will cause the opposite effect. Try to apply the right amount, without overdoing it, tapping very softly. The use of a small tip brush or blending sponges can also be of great help to apply makeup in this area.

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