How To Shave Your Beard To Get A Perfect Finish

How To Shave Your Beard To Get A Perfect Finish

Beards have been more fashionable than ever for years. They came as a trend, then came the splendour of the hipster version, and in the end, they stayed indefinitely. It is a way to play with their look for many men, trying different lengths and even colours.

Besides, its extension in society has meant that many jobs allow you to wear a beard without problems (something that did not always happen before), so it is over to review the face and neck every morning. Therefore, beard care is essential.

However, even the most staunch bearded men decide to shave from time to time for different reasons. Movember, that movement whose objective is to raise awareness about men’s health and that every November makes the moustaches multiply, is one of the excuses to reduce or eliminate the beard and wear a good moustache instead. 

Shaving the beard may seem like a simple task, but some details are worth paying attention to avoid, for example, the classic irritation afterwards. Pimples or small cuts are annoyances that every man who shaves regularly is used to. But that does not mean that they are inevitable. Here are some secrets. 

Reserve A Time

We already know that you are always at full speed and your watch has hours to do everything. But setting aside about 15 minutes for yourself, either in the morning or at night, will help you relax and come out of the bathroom like new.

Rushing is not a good company when shaving, even less so if it is a full beard. Ideally, the process should begin long before you decide to shave your beard. A maintenance with oils specially created for this provides hydration and makes things easier for you when taking the blade.

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Prepare It Well

The last ritual is the key to minimising the possibility of cuts, pulling, irritation or ingrown hairs. Therefore, shaving preparation is essential. The steps are similar, whether you want to reduce the beard or if you want to reduce it ultimately.

In the first case, use an electric razor to leave it at the appropriate length to your liking. Then, if you want to give it a more polished finish, apply hot water to the contouring areas: cheeks, lock and neck. This will help open your pores.

Afterwards, apply a shaving cream. The best ones are those that contain emollient substances, since this way they provide extra hydration to your skin. Leave it on for at least a minute, and about three minutes for a stiff beard. This will make the hair softer, and you can slide the blade more easily.

Remember: always in favour of the hair. If you do it against the grain, you run the risk of further irritation, cuts and entrenchments. In wanting to altogether remove a thick beard, first, loosen it with the machine and then do the same procedure, but lathering the entire area.

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Give Him The Calm He Needs

No matter how many precautions you have taken, do not forget that shaving is still an attack on the skin. Therefore, once completed, it is necessary to provide protection. The first thing is to apply cold water. Then the balm or lotion.

The aftershave help restore the natural hydrolipidic layer of skin, calm, relaxed and close the pores. They do this thanks to shea butter, glycerin, eucalyptus, chamomile or aloe vera.

Apply it in circles throughout the area you have shaved until completely absorbed. 

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