How To Protect Babies From The Sun

How To Protect Babies From The Sun

Summer is coming, holidays and the need to protect ourselves from the sun. If we talk about the smallest of the house in this case it is even more important. We give you the keys to protect babies from the sun and thus enjoy a safe family vacation.

Two tips are essential and should never be forgotten: we cannot expose a baby directly to the sun during the first six months of life and the effects of the sun on the skin of babies are potentially dangerous up to three years. With these two premises always in mind, some important tips to protect babies from the sun are

Apply For The Protection Correctly

the protection must be applied at least half an hour before exposing the child to the sun. In addition, certain parts of the body are more sensitive and need more attention than others: head, neck, lips, face, ears and the back of the feet.

Use Specific Protection For Babies

we find on the market a wide range of sunscreens specially designed and developed to protect babies from the sun. They are the ones we should use.

Better With Clothes

Protectors help and are effective, but the best protection and the recommendation of paediatricians is to dress children in pure cotton clothing and always cover their heads. Nor should you dress them excessively to prevent them from feeling too hot, but clothing is your best protection.

Protection Also In The Shade

It is necessary that the little ones are protected not only when they are in direct contact with the sun, but also when they are in the shade and even on cloudy days.

Beware Of Water Reflections

There are certain elements that enhance solar radiation such as water, sand and grass among others, so when the little one is close to these elements it is advisable to protect him better.

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