How To Grow Hair?

How To Grow Hair?

Do you feel that your hair is dull and not abundant? a long and healthy mane is what all girls want; That is why we will tell you how to grow your hair with some habits, natural recipes and some effective tricks.

What You Need To Grow Hair

There are certain tricks that will make your hair grow and it will also look amazing . Start putting them into practice early and you will see results in no time.

Stand Out Your Hair Without Fear

It may sound contradictory to you, but if you remove the ends of your hair every 2 or 3 months you will allow it to grow more and better; As long as the ends are split, the hair will not have the strength to grow. So fearlessly go to the salon and say goodbye to split ends.

Your Hair Also Needs A Massage

That’s right, your hair needs a gentle massage, the ideal time to do it is during washing ; you can rub your scalp, but gently. If you want you can do it at another time too; for example, you can apply some moisturizing treatment or with coconut or almond oil and then you can wash it as routine. This way you will have double effects, because you will make it grow and it will look bright and healthy.

Less Dryer And Iron

While it is true that these two inventions are great allies of women and help us to obtain a very chic look; They are also enemies of the hair, as high temperatures damage and delay hair growth .

If it is essential that you use them, try to make it less and try to slow down , do not use them to the maximum; If you do, in a few weeks you will notice the change. It can also help you to apply a product that protects your hair from heat; there are many options on the market.

Use Braids To Sleep To Grow Hair

It was what the grandmothers said and if it works ; Every night before going to sleep, brush your hair and make a braid or two. You should do it every night as a habit, consistently so that you can tell the difference.

You Must Consume Vitamin B

Hair needs vitamin B to grow thick and strong. There are foods such as oily fish, legumes and nuts , which have vitamin B; You can also choose to take a complex of B vitamins to see better results.

Homemade Recipes To Grow Hair

We can also use a few homemade recipes to help our hair grow; The best thing is that they are very simple ingredients and in a few minutes you can prepare the recipe.

Banana And Egg

The egg has always been characterized as being excellent for the hair and if you combine it with the banana, you will have the perfect combination; To prepare it, you only need one egg, you must beat it well and add a small banana or half of a large one; It must be well crushed, mix the two ingredients very well and apply it to your hair. You let it act for at least 20 or 30 minutes and then you must remove it with plenty of warm water; then you do your washing routine

Onion To Grow Hair

We always have onion at home, so this recipe is super simple; you just have to chop it finely and add them to the shampoo you normally use; let it sit for a week before using it. This recipe works great for growing hair and giving it a lot of shine.

Olive Oil

We have always heard the properties and benefits of olive oil; in fact, it is the basis of many beauty and hair care treatments. And it also makes your hair grow and gives it vitality thanks to its content of unsaturated fatty acids; it also hydrates and cares for the hair cells.

To prepare the recipe you need to heat the olive oil for one minute; then add a tablespoon of ground rosemary and reserve this mixture for 48 hours. After 48 hours have elapsed, you are going to apply the mixture to the roots of all your hair and let it act for 20 minutes; then remove with warm water and shampoo routine.

Green Tea

Green tea has many properties that help your hair grow quickly, prevent hair loss and take care of it; in addition to your hair, green tea helps the body in general; so start drinking a cup of green tea every morning for a month ; you will see that you will get excellent results.

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