Highlight Your Face Contour With This Very Easy 'Contouring' Guide!

Highlight Your Face Contour With This Very Easy ‘Contouring’ Guide!

Dear friend, have you already seen the blog post we published a couple of weeks ago? In it we talked about how to hide skin imperfections, from wrinkles to acne, through a natural makeup ‘face wash effect’. We also taught you to apply it quickly, proposing a final optional step: contouring. A face makeup technique that has been successful for years and years, and in which today we want to deepen from the Mary Kay team so that you can highlight or correct your face contour, like a true professional makeup artist!

Surely you ‘ve heard about contouring more than once, right? Well, this technique, which basically consists of sculpting facial expressions, giving life and intensity to the face contour, almost always raises two problems. Or the skill it requires is not available to everyone. Or there are many, many products that very few women have in the makeup kit. But we want to remedy it! And we do it today with a basic contouring guide, designed for those who are not makeup experts, and in which, to see good results, you will not need to leave the salary of the month either!

Before Working On The Face Contour, Prepare The Complexion, Hide Imperfections And Even Out The Tone!

First, take a look at our tips for a flawless face . There you will see that an essential product is the makeup base: this should be the starting point of contouring and then sculpting your face contour. Now take note of what we tell you here:


What makeup base to choose? Choose one that is lightweight and corrects your skin without making you look like makeup. The reason? As you will use several products in contouring , it is important that you do not overload the skin. At Mary Kay we recommend our CC Creams (you have an example in the photo to the right), designed in four colors: light, light-medium, medium-dark and dark. Check with your Mary Kay Beauty Consultant which CC Cream is closest to your tone! And if you are not convinced, your Consultant will also propose the 12 colors of our TimeWise® 3D™ Makeup Base , in a matte finish. For skin without unnecessary shine!

  • Where to apply makeup base? Sometimes the foundation does not need to be spread over the entire face. It is enough to identify the most damaged areas (by pimples, sun spots or redness), and as your Mary Kay Consultant will have helped you choose the correct color, the makeup base, by applying it wherever you need it, it will blend perfectly with your skin tone.
  • Do all brushes work? Incorrect. You need a specific brush for the makeup base you use. For example, look at the brushes we have for fluid foundations, like this one or the new Blending Brush ! As a tip, you can use them in two ways. One is to wet the center of your brush with makeup base (always a small amount). And the other, put the fluid base on the back of your hand and then wet with the brush. It’s up to you!

Once You Have Created A Smooth And Unpolluted Surface On Which To Sculpt, It Is Time To Define The Contour Of The Face


Now is the time to contour. What does that mean? It is about defining certain facial features using shadows. Normally, the area under the cheekbones is usually contoured (to mark them more), as well as the ends of the forehead (with which you will give a much more defined shape to the upper part of the face) and the jaw line ( then blending the neck to create a color gradient so that the makeup is not noticeable).

All of this can be done easily with our Chromafusion ™ Contour Powders , and the Mary Kay® Blush Brush . With it you can use the facial powders in detail, which for a perfect result should be applied on the center and shorter end of the brush. 

What if you want to contour very small parts of the face? Apply the same face powders that we have mentioned, but over the All-Over Eyeshadow Brush. It is much smaller than a standard brush, and you will gain in precision when using the powder, for example, on the sides of the nose. They will help you define them to the millimeter, thus achieving a very fine nose contour!

Next Step To Polish Your Face Contour: The Face Illuminator


As you have worked the shadows so far, now it is important that you add a touch of light to your features, as indicated by the contouring technique. And how is that achieved on the face contour? It’s very easy, believe us! You just have to clean and dry the Mary Kay® Blush Brush that you used before, and apply (on the longest end of the brush) the Chromafusion™ Illuminating Powder. 

The most common areas of the face to extend them are the cheekbones. Also the center of the forehead and the nose (which will be free of shine thanks to the makeup base you used at the beginning), and the cupid’s bow (that is, the area between the nose and the upper lip). If you need help with this step and are in a hurry, because you are meeting someone shortly and want to wear a perfect contouring , remember that your Mary Kay Beauty Consultant will be able to explain everything to you by video call!

To Finish Your Contouring, Don’t Forget The Blush!


The blush, attention, is what will give the final touch of color to your cheeks, enhancing and intensifying its natural tone. The problem? That an excessive use of this product, or the choice of a bad color, can make your face contour to be too made up and, therefore, artificial. 

The key then is in the balance: choose well between the 36 pink shades of the Chromafusion™ Blush (there are both matte and pearl effect!). Then place it on the brush that you have been using until now (specifically, in the center of the tool). And finally, my friend, apply the blush from the center of the cheek to the temples, gently, making small circular movements with the brush. Once this is done, you will already have a radiant face contour to go out on the street! Ready to dazzle the whole world?

One Last Tip For A Perfect Contouring ? Don’t Be In A Hurry!

In makeup, as in any field, no one is born knowing. That is why it is likely that your first contouring will not turn out the way you would like. And nothing happens! Be patient and you will see the results very soon. First start with this quick video tutorial that we uploaded to YouTube: there we will explain to you, and visually, the steps to sculpt your face contour. Put on music, rehearse at home any afternoon you have free. Or if you prefer, ask your Mary Kay Beauty Consultant for one of their beauty sessions . In fact, she can give you personalized contouring tips based on your face shape!! What are you waiting for? In time, you will see, you will become an expert in self-makeup!

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