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Handbag Questionnaire

The most unidentified object is a woman’s handbag. Choosing a handbag is real art! There are so many nuances to consider! It’s okay, we take into account and buy what will serve us faithfully. We will compose a small questionnaire for the proposed new handbag.

And we will honestly answer your questions.

1.Does my bag match my color and will its color match at least part of my clothes?

2.Does the bag fit my style and will match at least part of my clothes?

3. Is the bag commensurate with my size? Is it the right size for my figure?

4. Is it the right size for my needs? It is not for nothing that they say that a woman’s handbag is a place where everything fits.

5.Does it have enough compartments, pockets? To fill it with all sorts of things and be able to find a ringing cell phone.

6.Does the shape of the handbag suit? The hard form is more status and official, the soft one is more creative and casual.

7.Do I know the secrets of choosing a leather handbag for different color types?

For the Spring color type, suede, nubuck, embossed leather is more suitable. Use lacquer fragmentarily!

For the Winter color type – lacquered, smooth, embossed, braided contrasting leather. Winter can afford large metallic fragments, stones, rhinestones on a purse!

Summer color type will choose smooth, soft, thin leather, from silky matte to shiny, thin suede. Lacquer –
Rno fragment!

For the Autumn color type I recommend nubuck, suede from thin to rough, woven leather and ribbed.

If the questioning of the handbag gave positive results and the price is suitable, then congratulations! Your ideal handbag is waiting for you!

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