makeup tips from Hollywood artist

Golden Words: Makeup Tips From Hollywood Makeup Artists

If there were no professional makeup artists, we would never have discovered the magic of makeup: baking, doll makeup, shiny eyelids, etc. Any makeup involves a number of professional tricks. Many of them are so simple that they seem absurd, but others make you think. We share with you the advice of professionals who really work. Here are some make-up tips.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Opening your eyes while applying makeup may seem like a common thing, but when it comes to liner and eye shadow, many women close their eyes. Kira Nasrat, a celebrity makeup artist, advises keeping them open. If you tilt your head back slightly, you can see the entire eyelid, and accordingly, what you are doing.

Eyebrow Concealer

Sparse eyebrows can be thickened with concealer. Apply concealer to areas on the eyebrows where the skin shows through the hairs. Then start applying your eyebrow cosmetic: shadows, gel, etc. Concealer will help the product hold better and longer.

One Tone Lighter

For acne or scars, choose a concealer that is lighter than your skin tone. Star makeup artist Wendy Rowe believes that this technique visually raises scars and brightens them against the background of the face.

Apply Blush In A V Shape

Dick Page suggests applying V-shaped blush directly to the apples of your cheeks for the most natural finish. It’s very simple. First, sweep the brush towards the center of your cheek and then up and back towards your temples. Do not forget to smile during this, it will help you not to miss.

Nude Make

To keep your skin looking natural with makeup, try a fixing spray. Afton Williams loves to use a finishing spray because it helps make up look more natural without the masking effect. The finishing spray can be replaced with rose water.

Comb Your Eyebrows Down

Instead of brushing your eyebrows up before you start filling them in, makeup artist Kate Lee loves to brush them down. When you fill your brows in this way, you can clearly see the maximum shape of your brow as well as the highest point of your brow arch. Try this new trick and you will avoid the overly artificial and pencilly look.

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