What To Wear With A Pencil Skirt

For Any Occasion: What To Wear With A Pencil Skirt

Do you want to choose one and only skirt suitable for all occasions – whether for work, or for relaxing with friends, or for a noisy party? The best choice is a classic pencil skirt. We will tell you how to choose the perfect model for yourself, which can easily adapt to the images in different styles and emphasize the dignity of the figure.

A pencil skirt is an indispensable element of a basic women’s wardrobe. The legendary cut was created about seventy years ago by the great fashion designer Christian Dior. Since then, the pencil skirt has not lost its leading position. She not only favourably emphasizes the silhouette but is also suitable for any event, be it an official meeting, a date or a party. Together with the stylist, we decided to figure out what to look for when choosing a pencil skirt and what is the best way to combine this model in order to look stylish.

How To Find The Perfect Pencil Skirt

The first thing to look for when choosing a skirt is the fit. A correctly selected model will not have folds, and the skirt will not hinder your movements. Particular attention should be paid to the cut: it must be present, otherwise, it will be extremely inconvenient for you to take even a small step. At the same time, the incision should not greatly expose your legs and, as a result, look vulgar.

When trying on, you should not only evaluate the appearance of the thing but also try to walk in it and even sit down. A well-chosen pencil skirt should be made of dense fabric, be sure to slim and emphasize your figure favourably.

How To Find The Perfect Pencil Skirt

How To Combine Textures Correctly

A pencil skirt is the personification of a laconic and restrained image, but you can always experiment with print, colour and material. For the cold season, it is worth looking at a warm plaid skirt, it will allow you to create cozy and organic combinations with chunky knit sweaters or oversized jumpers. Take a closer look at plaid skirts in basic shades – these models will perfectly fit into everyday looks.

Bright colour schemes cannot but attract attention and are more suitable for an informal setting, but you can set an official tone for the image by choosing a strict monochromatic jacket.

It is worth experimenting with a comfortable knee-length business pencil skirt. The zesty mustard colour makes the classics accessible for ultra-stylish casual looks and evening looks for a trip to a cafe or a movie with a friend.

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What To Wear

The length of the pencil skirt may vary, but the classic option is considered to be the length to the middle of the knee – this is a universal solution suitable for girls of any height and build. Thanks to the simple cut, you can play up the look by combining elements from different styles.

A pencil skirt will ideally be combined with sophisticated classics, whether it be oversized shirts, formal jumpers or oversized jackets. She can find her place complete with a sports top, oversized sweater or cardigan. When choosing shoes, pay attention to models that do not distort your proportions.

If we are talking about a business outfit, stop at black pumps to match, they not only elegantly complement the image but also stretch the silhouette

You should not choose an open, defiant top for the skirt; it is better to give preference to discreet things, for example, simple blouses or turtlenecks. A pencil skirt plays well with waist-length cropped jackets. This combination allows you to show the curves of the figure while maintaining a discreet style. In order to add sophistication to a rather strict image, it is worth complementing the set with shoes with steady heels or a kitten heel model.

What to wear

A high-waisted leather pencil skirt will look great with plain blouses and turtlenecks; feel free to integrate it into business looks with white shirts.

Don’t forget about minimalist accessories, which are sure to complement your look. So, earrings made of artificial pearls and a small pendant, despite their ease, complement even a complex set of clothes favourably, emphasizing the details of the image. Neat and discreet jewellery is ideal for any situation, whether it is a business meeting that requires restraint, or an evening in a pleasant company when nothing should distract from the conversation.

A pencil skirt is a versatile and multifaceted thing that opens up in its own way in combination with different styles. This model should definitely be included in your basic wardrobe – it will help you create a range of fresh trendy looks and reveal your individuality and personal style.

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