Face Without Blemishes: Learn To Hide Them (Naturally) While Repairing Your Skin

Like most women on this planet, surely you also want to go out from time to time with a natural face. With a nude effect facial look or washed face in which there is no trace of makeupAlthough that, friend, we all know what it entails: exposing what we don’t like about our skin! From the classic bags and dark circles that arise when working a lot and sleeping little, to wrinkles, pimples or the small marks that confirm the acne, sometimes severe, that some of us suffer as teenagers. 

But what if there was a way to cover those little flaws with makeup that makes you look super natural? we teach you today to achieve a face without imperfections, while taking care of and protecting your skin from external agents, which are largely responsible, for example, of the signs of age. Take note of the three easy steps to follow for flawless, natural skin (inside and out)!

Step 1. Your Skin, A Blank Canvas: Prepare The Face So That It Looks Flawless

In the same way that a painting needs to start with a smooth and pristine canvas, your face requires a skin without imperfections to be able to get the most out of it . And how is that achieved? Well, with the fundamental pillar that we always defend: a skin care routine that includes cleaning, hydration and sun protection. If you still don’t follow such a skin-care routine, ask your Mary Kay Beauty Consultant to tailor one for your skin type! Now we are going to see how to apply the routine within step 1:

  • Cleanse your skin thoroughly. It is essential for a face without imperfections: with our Mary Kay® Micellar Water you will get rid of the sebum that your skin generates when you sleep, as well as the sweat on a very hot day (or when you leave the gym). By the way, they talk about this micellar water in InStyle magazine !
  • Moisturize the face. After cleansing, give your skin a nourishing boost with the TimeWise® 3D ™ Miracle Set moisturizer . This face cream, apart from being available for normal / dry and combination / oily skin, includes SPF 30 sun protection and a complex, Age Minimize 3D ™, which will help you prevent the signs of aging. 
  • Apply makeup primer. If possible, use one that protects you from the sun like the one we have in Mary Kay in gel format (in the image to the right), which comes with SPF 15 Medium Protection. With it you will hide the imperfections of your face, at the same time increasing the duration of the makeup base that you should use next. 

Step 2. Time To Unify The Tone With The Makeup Base

You must take into account an essential aspect: your skin tone is unique and different, for example, from your friends, and your color also varies depending on the time of year (in summer you are sure to be much darker than in February ). Therefore, to achieve a face without imperfections, with a washed face effect look , you must assess very well which makeup base best suits the peculiarities of your skin . We recommend TimeWise® 3D ™ Makeup Base (right), available in 12 different matte shades. Pick your shade with your Mary Kay Beauty Consultant! And now, pay attention to two important questions:

  • How to correct eyelid imperfections? Very easy. Instead of going for a standard foundation, try an eyeshadow fixer . At Mary Kay we have a waterproof one, which keeps the eye makeup on for much longer, preventing it from wrinkling or cracking with the movement of the eyelids!
  • Do you want to condition your lashes? Said and done! You can do it with the Mary Kay® Eyelash Prepper , which will also make yours appear longer. In addition, it works as a transparent mascara (with a lifting effect ), ideal for a nude effect look!

Step 3. There Is Little Left To Show Off A Flawless Face, With A 100% Natural Finish!

Exactly! And at this stage, my friend, the only thing left is to correct the last details. You can be as creative as you want, but remember that for a natural complexion, don’t go overboard with color and intensity. What matters here is containment!

  • Correct minor imperfections on the face , such as dark spots and age spots, with Perfecting Concealer® . And since it dries very quickly, you can work the eye area all the time, especially the small trace of bags or dark circles, using Mary Kay® Undereye Concealer. It is a must-have in your makeup case: you will see how fresh, rested and natural you get!
  • And what about the powders? Let’s say that you are going to be all day without going home, because you have a meal that will last until the evening. Solved! With the powders, which act as a makeup fixer, you will ensure that everything remains intact, controlling shine and excess oil on the face for at least eight hours. And not only that. You can choose compact powders. Or Mary Kay® Sheer Loose Powder (pictured right). They are invisible, and will not add undesirable touches to your natural look!
  • Have you thought about outlining the contour of your face to enhance naturalness? Despite what is believed, contouring does not have to be excessive, as long as you highlight the facial features in the right measure. Don’t miss the tutorial on our YouTube channel about Mary Kay Beauty face contouring! Or ask your Mary Kay Beauty Consultant: she can organize one of her beauty sessions for you with the best contouring tricks. So learn to use essential products, both Colorete Chromafusion™ as the Powder Chromafusion™ Contour and Illuminator !

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