Eyebrow Shape: How To Choose Yours?

Eyebrow Shape: How To Choose Yours?

The eyebrows are not part of the face that can be given the least attention. They can either become the final point of a stylish look or spoil it. An improperly chosen shape of eyebrows will certainly break the harmony of proportions of the face and makeup and will make all your imperfections even more noticeable. What can we say about the colour! .. FashionBeautize will tell you which eyebrows will emphasize your beauty and individuality, as well as give advice on care and makeup!

The recognized beauties of the past, who have long been considered icons of style, did not rely on the grace of nature. Every detail of their image was carefully verified and honed.

And they never forgot, for example, that the shape of the face and even its expression can be easily corrected, just by changing the line of the eyebrows.

Suffice it to recall the brilliant Greta Garbo, whose refined sophisticated appearance continues to delight us even today. It was by no means a plastic surgeon who helped create it, but an easy correction of “natural” data.

Among them is a graceful thin arch of eyebrows raised above the natural line in surprise.

Today, unfortunately, many modern women underestimate the capabilities of this part of their face.

At best, they are just trying to blindly follow fashion, which tries to dictate the shape of our eyebrows, regardless of the characteristics of our own face.

However, a renowned make-up artist from the world of film and fashion, believes that the wrong eyebrow shape can even create or destroy a career. But is it possible to say with certainty what kind of eyebrows are “worn” today?

Brow Shape: Classic Definition

Whatever fashion experts with big names dictate to us, the classics will never let us down. And the classic form is considered to be eyebrows, vaguely resembling a comma that has fallen to one side.

At the bridge of the nose, such an eyebrow should be wide, with long hairs and more rounded, but towards the temples, its line becomes thinner and becomes flat. Depending on the type of your face, it can be made longer or, on the contrary, shortened.

If you give preference to just this form, you will never go wrong. It is good for any type of face and is always relevant.

It is these graceful eyebrows that can be seen on many real stars of past years – both domestic (for example, Lyubov Orlova) and Hollywood (for example, Marilyn Monroe).

And now such a classic eyebrow line remains relevant.

It’s just that most makeup artists try to make it clearer this winter 

Playing On Contrast

Eyebrow Shape: Naturalness In Fashion

It is curious that this winter, completely opposite trends turned out to be in the fashion mainstream. After all, one of the main hits of fashionable makeup for winter 2010-2011 is naturalness.

This trend is distinguished by transparent skin as if glowing from the inside, which is not covered by hanging strands of hair; light matte or transparent lipstick; a pink or flesh-coloured blush, no eyeshadow.

This also includes wide, natural eyebrows. Such “natural” eyebrows should have a slight wave-like curve, a well-groomed look and the right shade – usually one tone lighter than your hair shade.

The result is an image that many makeup artists call the “face of a child” – light, transparent, open.

In order to achieve this effect, makeup artists recommend increasing the distance between the eyebrows, without reducing their width, and from the side of the temples to give them the shape of thin and graceful wings

“Natural” wide eyebrows, giving a slightly naive expression to the face, have been chosen by many real stars both in the past (for example, Audrey Hepburn) and in the present (for example, Christina Aguilera changed her usual thin eyebrow strings to this actual shape this season).

However, today wide eyebrows, and even accentuated by means of decorative cosmetics, can be part of very bright makeup.

Such, for example, could be seen at the shows from Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Versus, where wide eyebrows were combined with bright lipstick and unusual shades of shadows.

Eyebrow Shape And Your Personality

Brow Shape: Playing With Contrast

It is the eyebrows that are an important part of one of the brightest fashionable makeup trends for the winter 2010-2011 season. Although for this they, oddly enough, are not emphasized,, on the contrary, are concealed.

The basis of this look is the contrast between very bright eyes and wide, “natural” eyebrows.

At the same time, they can have a very different shape and thickness (but still they should not be too thin, otherwise they simply will not be visible, and the entire contrast effect will disappear).

A warm terracotta palette with light brown or grey eyebrow pencils are good for such makeup; brown, olive or grey eyeshadow; golden shine for the eyes and cheekbones (instead of blush); lipstick in a terracotta or coral shade in light colors.

Unusual Options

Eyebrow Shape And Your Personality

Yet many women firmly believe that it is the shape of a playfully arched eyebrow that can work wonders.

They carefully read the advice of glossy magazines, which tell that the eyebrows “arched” speak about the light, cheerful character of a romantic girl.

Or that the eyebrows are raised by optimists with an impulsive character.

However, many stylists agree that the shape of the eyebrows can indeed visually correct your image and soften the existing imperfections (if they annoy you).

For example, the ascending arch of the eyebrows visually lengthens the face, and straight horizontal eyebrows, on the contrary, make it visually wider.

Too sharply dropping outer ends of the eyebrows can give the face a painful sad expression, and wide eyebrows will look more harmonious on a face with large features.

With all this in mind, well-known makeup artists have proposed a simple option – to draw eyebrows of the “correct” shape where you need it.

So, at the MaxMara show, we saw eyebrows drawn in a “house”, for Christian Dior, models appeared with straight eyebrows drawn above the natural line, and for Carolina Herrera – an arched shape

And yet, these days, fashion does not dictate to a woman the shape of the eyebrows that is mandatory for all. But more recently, the situation was different.

So, in the days of Cleopatra, all fashionistas wore thick black eyebrows, and representatives of the highest British society of the 18th century had to go to incredible efforts to create flirty fluffy eyebrows (they say, they even added scraps of mouse hair to their own natural hairs).

The beginning of the 20th century was marked by barely noticeable and surprisingly raised eyebrows-strings, which suddenly returned to fashion in the 60s and were echoed in the 70s.

It’s easier now. Fashion allows you to experiment and does not dictate your will. There is a choice between a natural face and very bright makeup.

Another extreme option is offered – to eliminate the eyebrows altogether. But don’t take it literally and grab onto the wax strips to remove hair.

Makeup artists suggest using nude makeup tones that simply make your brows (completely or partially) invisible, to match your skin colour.

Such curious images could be seen, for example, at the shows from Balenciaga, Julien Macdonald, Ann-Sofie Back.

Specialist Comment

Yuri Stolyarov, official makeup artist of Maybelline New York in Russia:

How to choose the shape of your eyebrows by face type?

  • All lines on the face are harmonious. Therefore, for determining the best shape of the eyebrows, the oval of the face is not primary – it can change (for example, if a person recovers).

It is much more important to pay attention to the line of the cheekbones and, most importantly, the lips – if the lips are straight, then the eyebrows should be made quite straight. If the lip has a natural break or “bow”, then the eyebrows should be shaped curved.

Rounded brows are suitable for those with a matching lip shape and, for example, round cheeks.

How to properly care for your eyebrows?

  • If the eyebrows do not grow well enough or have been damaged by unsuccessful correction, then castor oil should be rubbed daily into the problem areas with massage movements.

Products for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows have appeared on the wide sale – they are quite effective with regular use. Brows that are too wide should only be corrected at the outer corner of the eyes to avoid mistakes.

If the eyebrows are very thick and have long hairs, they need to be combed up with a brush, and the longest protruding hairs should be removed.

Who needs to focus on eyebrows?

There are a number of rules that will allow you not to make mistakes in eyebrow makeup:

Blondes should slightly accentuate their eyebrows in relation to hair colour (half a tone, tone, darker), while it is important to take into account the shade of the blonde – yellowish or reddish eyebrow pencils are categorically contraindicated for ash blondes.

An ashy or olive undertone must be present in the colour of the eyebrow product.

Brunettes , on the other hand, need to make their eyebrows a tone less intense than hair color. You should also pay attention to the color of the pencil.

The balance of brown and gray must be properly observed – the pencil should not be too terracotta or, conversely, too gray – often even a slight nuance of color matters.

Makeup classic – if you highlight your lips, accentuate your eyebrows. This classic fashion trend is now back again.

For smoky eyes, I do not recommend overly emphasizing the eyebrows – add a softer accent on them with a brush and an eye shadow shade that is a tone lighter than the shade of the hair.

And if the eyebrows are naturally thick enough and have a good shape, then just emphasize them with gel. Defined eyebrows are more appropriate for graphic makeup with eyeliner.

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