Does Razor Waxing Make You Have More Hair?

Does Razor Waxing Make You Have More Hair?

Blade hair removal: myths and tricks. Find out the truth about shaving and take note of our tips for perfect hair removal.

With the arrival of spring and the first stockings is when you remember that you have had an entire autumn-winter to do the laser and forget about razor hair removal forever Another summer when you have to pull the razor.

Now question is- is it true that razor waxing makes hair grow stronger and stronger? read to know the truth about razor waxing

From the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV),  confirms that hair removal with a razor does not make hair more abundant or stronger.

The Blade Does Not Make The Hair Weak

The blade does not make the hair weak, but it does not make the hair more abundant. What happens is that unlike other methods such as wax, photo epilation or laser –which affect the hair follicle–, the blade does not make the hair weak. It is true that, although it is a comfortable, fast and painless system, the results are not long-lasting. In any case, it is advisable to use razors specially designed for female hair and be careful with warts and pimples.

If waxing, epilation machines, or other hair removal methods don’t work for you, either because they bruise you or because the pain doesn’t suit you, then the razor is your best friend. However, not all blades on the market are suitable for hair removal and it is not always done properly. Therefore, we give you some tips for a perfect razor hair removal.

Tricks For A Razor-Sharp Hair Removal Without Irritation

  • Choose a special blade for female hair removal.

  • Exfoliate the skin beforehand to remove dead cells and prevent hair from getting trapped under the skin.

    Use new blades to avoid cuts that can become infected. It is one of the causes that can be behind a lump in the groin when we wax that sensitive area.
  • Hurry, but not squeeze. For extra gentle hair removal, use a high-quality razor.

  • Avoid dry waxing. Use soap and water or a special alcohol-free gel so that your skin is well hydrated during razor removal.

  • Use hot water beforehand, as it will help open the pores and make hair removal with a razor more effective and without pulling.

  • When finished, instead, put cold water to calm the skin and close the pores for later hydration.

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