Do you love to wear black? Then you must know the advantages and disadvantages of this color

Do You Love To Wear Black? Then You Must Know The Advantages And Disadvantages Of This Color

We list the pros and cons of wearing black, which you should consider the next time you think about wearing this color from head to toe.

Myths And Realities Of Wearing Black

And most of them are based on the idea that this powerful color helps you look more attractive but, at the same time, there are other negative ideas that have been associated with this tone (such as that it is gloomy, sad and even ‘bad luck’).

How many times have you been told that it looks like you are going to a ‘funeral’ when you wear a total look in this neutral tone? Ultimately, that is one of the phrases that people who love to wear black hear frequently.

Which of those are true and which are completely false? Here we clarify your doubts and reveal the real pros and cons of wearing black from head to toe (or in most of your look).

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Black?

Muuuuchos! Let’s start with the advantages that this classic color offers us: it is super easy to combine (being a neutral tone, it makes a perfect contrast with any other color), it will never go out of style (so it is totally timeless and you can wear it in every season of the year), it is super elegant and at the same time it can bring a dose of sensuality and mystery to your outfit (and precisely because of those three qualities Angelina Jolie loves to wear black as the protagonist of her looks).

As if that were not enough, this color stylizes the figure (makes you look slimmer and reduces the volume of the areas of the body that are dressed in black), it is also the tone that best hides ‘imperfections’ or slight ‘oversights’ in garment, in an emergency, (such as if it is not the best cut or if it is a little frayed, for example).

Although it should be noted that the ideal is that you always keep your clothes impeccable (clean, without wrinkles and without stains, also avoid pieces that look old or worn).

And What Are The Downsides Of Wearing Black Frequently?

We regret to tell you that wearing all black (in a total look) can also have disadvantages.

The main against doing it is that the absence of color in your outfit could make you go unnoticed on some occasions, as well as ‘boring’, not very ‘creative’ and ‘risky’.

Also, at social events (such as parties), dressing completely in this color can create an invisible barrier that will prevent some people from approaching you (because you will appear to be very serious or unfriendly). So if you consider yourself an introvert, black will not be your best ally if you are looking to socialize and meet new people.

Tips For Dressing In Black Without Going Unnoticed

And now that you know its main pros and cons, we will give you some brief basic tips to succeed with your next total black look.

The first is that you play with the textures to create interesting contrasts within your outfit. Transparencies, sequins or fake leather in the same look? YES, take a chance and experiment! You will notice that dressing the same color can be much more fun and original than you imagined.

Second … accessorize yourself! Elevate your outfit by wearing jewelry with metallic or colorful finishes or with animal print details to further highlight your outfit.

As a third tip, know your figure! Are you rectangular, hourglass, or pear-shaped? Are you tall or short? Do you consider yourself curvy or skinny? Use pieces that highlight your silhouette in the best way and take advantage of the power of black, to reduce volume in some areas that you want to hide.

Finally, as we mentioned above, you must take care of every detail so as not to look careless and be able to take advantage of the sophistication that the color black emits . Always check your outfit before going out, to be sure that there are no stains, wrinkles or any element that could detract from your image.

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