Didn't you remove your makeup at night? Here what you must do to repair the damage

Didn’t You Remove Your Makeup At Night? Here What You Must Do To Repair The Damage

Sleeping without removing makeup can be one of the worst things you can do to your skin, so repairing the damage immediately is crucial. We tell you how!

If you love wearing makeup, then you are one of us. However, one of the most important rules must be kept in mind: you must clean your face every night before sleeping! No matter how good your party was or how tired you got from a meeting, it is CRUCIAL that you cleanse your skin of all the products that you used on your skin. Therefore, here we tell you how to take care of your skin if you did not remove your makeup at night.

What Happens If You Do Not Remove Make-Up Before Sleep?

What Happens If You Do Not Remove Make-Up Before Sleep?

We are not joking when we tell you that it can be VERY damaging for your skin and eyes not to remove your makeup before bed. Sleep is restorative at the mind and body level, and that includes your skin, which recovers not only from the products you used but also from the dust and dirt particles that inevitably reach us through the air (especially if you live in the city). And sleeping with makeup will not only create an ageing effect on your skin, but it can cause eye infections, acne, and unpleasant skin reactions.

Likewise, on the subject of the eyes, it can cause the loss and thin of eyelashes, eye infections and irritation. And trust us, you don’t want that. Hence the importance of how to take care of your skin if you did not remove your makeup at night.

What to Do If You Did Not Remove Your Makeup At Night?

Ok, you forgot to remove your makeup at night. Let’s not panic as long as you DON’T make this a habit. Therefore, we tell you what you should do IMMEDIATELY to repair the damage to your skin and eyes if you fell asleep while wearing makeup.

Remove All Make-Up Immediately

Remove All Make-Up Immediately

That’s right: as soon as you open your eyes, wake up, take a cotton pad with make-up remover and remove all the products, wash your face and make sure there is not even a trace of makeup. Opt for micellar waters, makeup removers, and face soaps for effective cleansing.

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Moisturize And Pair Your Skin


Apply serum and cream on your skin so that it hydrates perfectly. Preferably they are light creams or gel so that your skin can absorb them without work. You will feel immediate relief!


If the products you used were very heavy or loaded, don’t rule out a slight exfoliation on your skin. We emphasize the light thing because hurting your face with a rough scrub can have the opposite effect to what you want. That said scrub is only to remove excess products that cleaning could not, and that’s it.

Let Your Skin Rest And Use No More Make-Up

Let Your Skin Rest And Use No More Make-Up

No and no! Don’t wear makeup after falling asleep without removing the products you used the day before. The best thing is that you let your skin rest so that it breathes and recovers 100%.

Apply A Mask

Apply A Mask

Use a repairing or super hydrating mask at night to pamper your skin. The masks are perfect for your skin as they manage to give it a boost of energy and shine.

Lastly, Never Forget To Remove Make-Up

Ok, it has happened to all of us that we forget to remove our makeup at night, but the best thing is to make this action the MOST important part of the beauty routine. It is a way of thanking the skin for letting us put all those products that we love, and at the same time, it is a type of self-care. May you never forget it again! There is no doubt that the importance of how to take care of your skin is crucial if you did not remove your makeup at night. Don’t let it get so damaged, with something you can easily solve!

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