Corona Virus Tattoo Ideas To Get When This Is All Over

We have compiled different tattoo designs with positive messages to inspire you if you plan to get a tattoo when the pandemic ends.
‘We were happy without knowing it’ is one of the phrases we read the most these days on Instagram. We are living a situation that, without a doubt, will mark us all in one way or another. Circumstances have forced us to stay home, make a mandatory break in our hectic pace of life and we have realized that we are stronger than we thought.
Surely during the quarantine you have had time to stop to think, reflect and value more than before the little things that make us happy. A good way to remember everything you have learned from this experience is to  get a tattoo with a positive message that will leave a mark on your skin and will be a part of you forever. We love minimal, simple and tiny tattoos; guarantee that we will not regret them. 

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo after quarantine, we bring you 10  tattoo ideas to inspire you after all this corona virus over: all these tattoos express very positive messages and concepts such as love or resilience are the protagonists of the designs. Do you dare to get a tattoo when all this is over? 

Be Here Now

Be Here Now -

We miss a lot of people right now and a nice way to remind ourselves how much we care about them  is this tattoo. 


Sun -

Surely you also miss the sun, the sea and all those things that make you happy. We love this design!


Resilience -

Resilience is the ability of human beings to positively adapt to adverse situations. And I think this word identifies us all right now. 


Love -

If love is what has given you strength to overcome quarantine, this tattoo will make you feel identified.


Kiss -

For all those people who have passed the quarantine away from their partners and have realized how much they miss them.


Pet -

This tattoo belongs to the actress Blanca Suárez. If after quarantine you want to get a tattoo on your pet to remember all the love he has given you these days, make your own version.

Not Alone

Not Alone -

If you have had to go through quarantine alone and have felt closer than ever to your loved ones, this is your tattoo. 


Wave -

The sea is one of the things we miss the most these days. If the first thing you are going to do when this is over is go to the beach, you will love this design.


Travel -

If you are thinking of all the places in the world that you want to visit as soon as you can get out, this design is perfect for you.


Family -

You have passed the quarantine away from your family or with them, you will have verified that it is the most important thing.

Here is some more ideas about tattoo,

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