Choice Of Footwear: 10 Most Stylish Combinations

Perhaps, the choice of footwear remains one of the most important in creating a harmonious image, because we want not only beauty but also convenience. Modern fashion blurs the boundaries of styles and brings to our attention such options for combinations of clothes and shoes, thanks to which we can maintain comfort, practicality and convenience and at the same time remain stylish.

The choice of footwear can increase or decrease the degree of elegance, formality and solemnity of the image as a whole, which helps to be different, depending on the mood and lifestyle.

Skirt + Sneakers

This combination is not only a modern fashion trend but also a very convenient choice for everyday life and for those who, for various reasons, do not like heels. Sneakers lower the degree of the elegance of your look, and you get a kind of mix of femininity and comfort. Sporty chic. In such an outfit, you can spend the whole day on your feet and still feel cheerful. Plus, sneakers can inspire sports and long walks.

Skirt + sneakers

Favorite Outfits + Birkenstock

Birkenstock is jokingly called “a trend from German grandmothers.” No matter how funny, but these shoes are now at the peak of popularity. At the risk of becoming an object for ridicule, she confidently ascended the fashionable Olympus. The history of these sandals is simple: the name comes from the German company Birkenstock with a century of history. This company is a manufacturer of orthopedic shoes.

But modern designers have convinced many that comfort is not only convenient, but also very stylish, and thus gave Birkenstock a second life. Birkenstock is worn with jeans / trousers / shorts / culottes and sundresses / dresses / skirts / overalls. Ideal footwear for leisure, walking, travel, beach. Their massiveness only emphasizes the femininity and grace of the hostess, this is a kind of a play on contrasts.

Favorite Outfits + Birkenstock

Skirt / Dress / Jeans / Pants + Classic Pumps

This classic shoe is guaranteed to bring elegance and femininity to your outfit. Convenience, versatility, minimalism, grace and lightness have made the boats popular for many decades. Recently, it has become especially popular to wear pumps with jeans, playing in contrast. Pumps go well with a wide variety of clothes: both classic and not so.

Skirt / dress / jeans / pants + classic pumps

Skirt / Dress / Jeans / Pants / Shorts + Loafers

These comfortable and practical shoes, borrowed by the beautiful half of humanity from the men’s wardrobe, have firmly established themselves in the wardrobes of fashionistas all over the world. Loafers are similar to moccasins, but their sole is stiffer and the heel is wider and chunky. A tassel or fringe (or a set of these decorative details) often adorns loafers. Looks equally stylish with skirts and trousers.

Skirt / dress / jeans / pants / shorts + loafers

Favourite Clothes + Trendy Slip-Ons

Slip-ons (lightweight sneakers without laces with elastic inserts) are at the peak of popularity, they are practical and versatile. Convenient to wear with dresses, skirts, trousers, jeans, overalls and shorts. Initially, in the 70s, slip-ons were light sports shoes for men and were intended for skateboarding and surfing, but now these shoes are relevant for both men’s and women’s wardrobe. Slip-ons look especially great with shirt dresses, cropped trousers, shorts, tennis dresses and skirts, jeans, midi skirts.

Favourite Clothes + Trendy Slip-Ons

Summer Outfits + Espadrilles

Summer shoes originally from Spain and the south of France made of natural fabrics with rope soles became popular for the first time in the 60s and are back in fashion now. Espadrilles create a special mood: lightness, travel, freedom and relaxation. Look great with dresses, skirts, shorts, overalls, jeans/trousers. They can be flat and wedge. Recommended to be worn on bare feet.

Summer Outfits + Espadrilles

All Kinds Of Outfits + Versatile Brogues

And again, shoes from the men’s wardrobe, which have become extremely beloved and popular among the female half of humanity. Brogues are perforated boots that can be either derby or oxford in shape. Scotland and Ireland in the 17th century are considered their homelands. Historically, perforation was of a functional nature (holes guaranteed ventilation and quick-drying of shoes, which was very important for pastoralists and farmers). Today, perforation has been preserved rather as a decorative element. The peculiarity of this shoe is the cut-off sock. In combination with brogues, cropped trousers, jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts look fashionable and stylish.

Dresses / Skirts / Jeans / Shorts / + Topsiders

Another kind of summer shoes (a kind of moccasins, to be exact), which is in trend today and at the same time very comfortable. Topsiders are originally yacht shoes, which are distinguished by a special ribbed sole (it does not slip on wet) and a lace that is threaded through the entire heel to fix the foot more firmly. Often the sole is white (designed to leave no marks). Externally, topsiders are similar to moccasins but more rigid. Look great with nautical and casual outfits. They are worn on bare feet.

Dresses / Skirts / Jeans / Shorts / + Topsiders

Summer Outfits + Sleepers

Sleepers (not to be confused with sports slip-ons) are very comfortable semi-closed shoes without laces with thin leather soles and low heels, which are loved by fashionistas all over the world. Initially, slippers were slippers (from English slippers), but they have become everyday and comfortable shoes. Sleepers can be velvet, leather, satin. They look great with trousers, jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses. It is customary to wear them on bare feet. There are so many sleepers on the streets today: with coats of arms, skulls, thorns, cat ears.

Dress + Sneakers

And again, a non-standard, not quite familiar combination. With the contrast of femininity and sporty chic, we achieve a light and effective look. Sneakers are fashionable to wear not only with dresses but also with skirts, shorts, jeans.

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