Can you dry your hair with the same towel as the body?

Can You Dry Your Hair With The Same Towel As The Body?

Do we know that drying the face with the body towel is not the most convenient, but is it the same with the hair? Next, we unravel the mysteries behind this doubt!

Dry The Hair With The Same Towel As The Body Or Not?

If you want to keep your hair healthy, frizz-free and with a lot of controlled volumes, the ideal is to avoid drying it with the body towel and this is due to two reasons. The first is that towels that are designed to dry the body have thick fibres that, when in contact with the hair, can open the cuticles and cause damage and frizz.

The second reason why you should not use this towel for your hair is because when drying the skin of the body, the towel traps the remains of products that have remained after the bath (such as creams, oils or scrubs), which go directly to your mane and not only make it dirty, but also add weight and make hair look matted and oily.

So What Is The Best Towel For Drying Hair?

The cotton towels and microfiber are the best alternative to dry your hair without causing damage, because its fibers absorb more moisture than traditional towels and are more delicate. Of course, you should use them with crunchy movements or as a turban so that the hair does not run any risk.

Here are some microfiber towel recommendations that should be on your radar: Microfiber Turban, by Swissco. Medium Smooth Microfiber Towel, by DRYME. Prime lisse Hair Turban, from Aquis.

Well, if at this time you do not have in mind to invest in a towel like these, we recommend wearing a cotton shirt and applying the hair plopping technique to dry your hair or, in any case, use your regular towel with very gentle movements, never rub and wash it at least once a week to avoid the accumulation of impurities.

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