Best Alternatives To DivxTotal And EstrenosDTL To Download The Latest Releases Music

The Best Alternatives To DivxTotal And EstrenosDTL To Download The Latest Releases Music Movies By Torrent

DivxTotal and EstrenosDTL were one of the main torrent file download portals in Spain until they were blocked by almost all telephone companies. They did this to comply with applicable copyright regulation.

This block makes it difficult for many people to access these new releases, movies and music Torrent websites, for which they are forced to look for alternative pages to download Torrent files from uTorrent or similar programs.


EliteTorrent - Fashionbeautize

It is one of the best known in Spain and has a catalog very similar to that of DivxTotal and EstrenosDTL, the negative part is that it is also blocked by some telephone operators, but it can be entered through proxies and VPN applications.

The positive things are that the catalog has a good part with content in Spanish and a good part with subtitled content. Besides that, they hardly have intensive courses.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time -

This is another of the best known in recent times, it stands out for having the latest releases of the billboard in the original version. Popcorn Time is not a website itself, but rather an application to download torrent files for movies.

The curious part is that since it is not a web page, we select the movie we want to see and it automatically starts to play via streaming and thanks to a P2P Torrent network. But most of the movies are in English.

The good thing is that they all have subtitles in Spanish and also almost all the releases are in HD and Full HD quality.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay -

It is undoubtedly one of the most mythical torrent download portals on the Internet, and one of the largest if not the largest on the Internet. It has the largest catalog of torrent movies, as well as music torrents, operating systems, computer games and programs.

It is another of those that suffer from blockages, so you have to use proxies that this website has so that we can bypass the limitations. What if we must be careful because it contains advertising that pretends to be false download buttons that can infect us with viruses.

These are some of the URLs currently available to bypass the blocks:

Best Torrent

We go with another page also very similar to those mentioned above, in this case its name is Best Torrent. Its catalog is not as extensive as the others, but it ranges from the latest releases to some of the oldest films.

It is another of the pages that are suffering blocks at the national level, so like others, its web address is changing to bypass the blocks. At the moment you only have one public address, which is the following, as long as it does not suffer another possible blockage.

Kickass Torrent

Kickass Torrent -

Another of the largest download pages on the Internet, it is very similar to The Pirate Bay. In this, we can also find music, computer games, programs and operating systems, and many more things you can imagine.

To be able to access it, it will also have to be through proxies like other pages.

Torrent Paradise

Torrent Paradise -

Another page with a lot of variety, in addition to movies, has PC games, music,.. It stands out without a doubt in having hardly any ads, which makes it much easier for us to choose the movie we want to see. It has movies in Castilian and also in Latin Spanish, even in VOS to Spanish.



It must be one of the least known, but the good thing is that its catalog of films, short films and feature films is one of the most complete. It also gives us several options to download the same movie, BluRay at 1080p, DVD at 720p, WEB at 1080p, and others.

Advertising is sometimes a bit inclusive, or too much, and it simulates download buttons that are not and that we should avoid pressing. As you can see in the image above, they warn us that to download it is better to use a VPN application.


This one is going to love anime lovers, Japanese, Chinese and South Korean series and movies. Because this your catalog is focused on all that. I know a lot of people who can love it.

It has all the movies with subtitles in different languages ​​and always at the highest possible quality. Many of the movies and series will be found without problem in both Spanish and Latin Spanish. Many even dubbed into Spanish.


Megadede -

This is like Popcorn Time, something very similar to Netflix and HBO. You have to have an account and with this, we will be able to access the content they have available. It allows us to choose from thousands of content ordered by movies, documentaries, series, etc.

All the contents of this platform are totally free and we do not have the need to download them.

Likewise, at the moment DivxTotal and EstrenosDTL are working in the following links until they are blocked again.

If any link does not work correctly, let us know so we can update it as soon as possible. Thank you very much and apologize for any inconvenience.

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