Bearded Men Yes Or No

Bearded Men: Yes Or No?

Well, let’s see… from my personal point of view it is a YES like a house. Matter of taste. But when you start asking the question to other women, you start to realize that the vast majority find Bearded men’s are more attractive than without, so with this article I hope to be able to convince some disbeliever who is still on the loose.

But why do we like them better? In a study published in the journal “Evolution & Human Behavior” of the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia), scientists Barnaby Dixon and Robert Brooks estimated that 10-day beards make men much more attractive to women. women.

The scientists experimented with 351 women, who were shown ten photos of men including four different styles, from fully shaven men to men with beards. Most chose photos of those with the most beards, and participants were then asked to rate each individual’s attractiveness, wholesomeness, masculinity, and parenting skills.

Men with this specific 10-day beard were considered more attractive because they appear “healthier and more masculine”, while those with a full beard are valued as better fathers as they seem “more capable of protecting the offspring “ because our instincts may travel back in time and go back to our ancestors, who did not have the means to shave, and at that time the man took care of his offspring hunting and fighting to defend his family in a more” virile ”so to speak. Curious, right?

However, another study by the same scientists published in the “Royal Society Journal Biology Letters” suggests that the social and sexual taste for beards varies much more than we imagine since it says that the more people with beards there are, the less attractive they are. beards, and vice versa, the more completely shaven boys there are, the more attractive a hairy face becomes.

This pattern is an example of what some call “negative tendency dependent sexual selection.” In some species of fish, for example, a variation of the most successful scale colours can be seen over time, although not all physical aspects vary according to this form of selection. There are patterns that are maintained over time, such as the fact that a large peacock tail is more successful at breeding than a small one. 

Scientists believe that cases such as the beard, which varies in attractiveness according to time, fashion and the number of people who use it, has to do with being able to show that you are an adaptable boy, one who knows how to establish her difference.

Anyway, a matter of fashion? I do not believe it.

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