Advantages of wearing a beard

Advantages Of Wearing A Beard

No doubt. The beard is back in fashion. Be it in its most classic form such as a thick rounded beard and a generous mustache to its more measured form and fitted to the face, men with beards are now in the trend. But what are the advantages of wearing a beard? Science gives us some clues.

Maturity Symbol

Maturity Symbol - Fashionbeautize

Bearded men have always been socially perceived as more mature and even older than they actually are. Thus, regardless of whether it is a young adult or a dry adult, the beard gives a few more years. According to the study by the team of psychologists from the Victoria University of Wellington, Barnaby Dixson and Paul Vasey, at first glance, bearded men are given about two years more on average.

The Beard Provides Attractiveness

Beard provide a attractiveness

With a beard, he flirts more. Bearded men are considered more masculine and attractive than those who shave, according to a recent study by scientists Barnaby Dixon and Robert Brooks of the University of South Wales and collected by Evolution & Human Behavior magazineA 10-day beard makes women see the man in question much more attractive. In contrast, shaven men are perceived as more docile and less masculine.

Sign Of Strength

Sign of Straight - Fashionbeautize

An investigation carried out by the psychologists Barnaby Dixson and Paul Vasey and published in the journal Behavioral Ecology, determined that by comparing photographs of men before and after shaving, those with beards were perceived as more aggressive and stronger than those who appeared without her (despite being the same people).

Iron Health

Iron Health - Fashionbeautize

An investigation published in the journal Science and carried out by a team of evolutionary biologists (William Hamilton and Marlene Zuk) concluded that having a beard is a sign of good health. This association is due to the fact that historically facial hair has been a very attractive focus for parasites and infections, so wearing a beard was a symbol of strength with respect to the immune system of the beard wearer.

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