6 Hair Problems That Could Be Solved Using Coconut Oil

6 Hair Problems That Could Be Solved Using Coconut Oil

Using coconut oil on hair is in fashion, thanks to the great benefits and properties that can be obtained with this natural product. Its applications are diverse since it can be used to eliminate or prevent dandruff, against hair loss, for baldness, among others.

In this article, we are going to give you some ideas of the most common uses for coconut oil to revitalize your hair. Although we do not want to leave aside the mention that this oil can be used to lose weight, prepare delicious recipes, as a lip balm or also as a body moisturizer, but among the best uses you can give the oil that is extracted from coconut is as a hair conditioner.

Keys To Using Coconut Oil On Hair

If you are looking for the best coconut oils of 2020 to apply to your hair, make sure that the one chosen is pure, virgin, without additives, without odors, and that it is free of artificial ingredients. So, go ahead and follow our advice so that you can take advantage of the benefits offered by this oil.

The good thing about coconut oil is that it works for any type of hair, it does not matter if you have it straight, dyed, wavy or you have applied another treatment. In addition, it can be used as a base in the preparation of different natural masks to care for your hair, among which we highlight the following:

Coconut Oil For Hair Growth:

If you want to see your hair grow faster, choose good coconut oil, because thanks to its high content of lauric acid, substances and nutrients can enter the hair from root to tip, allowing it to grow naturally and healthy, repairing all hair.

You can also use this oil on dry hair, in order to improve circulation in the scalp, giving hair more shine, accelerating its growth. For the changes to be more effective, you should apply the product from the scalp and along with the hair, three to four times during the week.

To prepare a coconut oil treatment that you can apply to your dry hair, use a small tablespoon of oil and add a few drops of rosemary essence to enhance the effect of this natural treatment, because with this mixture you can obtain an increase of up to one 20% growth in hair.

To Treat Dandruff

Dandruff is probably one of the main hair problems we face on our scalp, but you can use coconut oil to combat this health problem, as it will help reduce the effects of irritation or itching caused by dandruff, which is almost always generated by chemicals that are used in hair care, although fungi can also be the cause of this condition.

For this reason, coconut oil is recommended because it prevents the appearance of dandruff and helps to combat its effects, thanks to its composition of fatty acids and its antifungal properties. If you use coconut oil as a dandruff treatment, you can mix it with essential oils for the best results, some of the options could be lavender or tea tree oil.

Hair Conditioner

For hair care you can use the oil extracted from coconut as a conditioner because it is natural, it is free of chemical agents and can be used on all types of hair, coupled with the fact that it helps prevent the loss of hair proteins, avoiding make it brittle and dry. In addition, with its constant use, you protect your hair from damage caused by the dryer or the irons.

If you like this alternative, you should know that it is very easy to apply it, you just have to use it after the usual washing or if you prefer, you can leave it to act for a reasonable time to obtain better results. If your hair is short, just apply a teaspoon on the palms and rub your hands together to warm the oil, pour it over the hair with a light massage and then rinse it in the usual way.

To Style Your Hair

You can also use this oil to style your hair and fight frizz in humid climates, as it is a very useful product to make your hairstyle perfect without applying chemicals.

To keep your curls or hair straight, avoiding frizz, you can apply a small amount of coconut oil all over the hair, depending on the amount of hair or the length, and style it as desired. But remember that you must use it constantly to be able to see the results.

Coconut Oil Against Hair Parasites

If unfortunately, you have suffered the contagion of lice in your family, you can use the oil extracted from the coconut to combat them, it is very effective, natural and does not mistreat the scalp, it is even effective to eliminate their eggs.

The treatment is very simple, you just have to find a preferably extra virgin coconut oil and a towel, apply the oil to your dry hair in a generous amount, wrap the head with the towel and leave the product to act overnight and the next day wash the hair in the usual way.

Another alternative is to mix coconut oil with anise essence or tea tree oil and apply the mixture to dry hair, from the scalp to the ends, cover the head with a cap and leave it to act for two hours. or more.

As A Treatment For Baldness

You can combat baldness with coconut oil, as it prevents hair loss without damaging the scalp because it is a natural product rich in fatty acids, linoleic acid, and palmitic acid.

To do this, use a shampoo that is natural, mild, approximately 200 ml, pour 6 to 7 drops of pure coconut oil, mix well, and use it as your usual shampoo. To make this preparation more effective, you can add essential oils of rosemary, chamomile, wheat germ, among other herbs.

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