5 tips for using necklaces according to the shape of the collar

5 Tips For Using Necklaces According To The Shape Of The Collar

A necklace can be a complement to your appearance that makes you more fashionable. But you can’t just wear a necklace,  Ladies.

If you want to look cool, you have to match the type of necklace with the collar as well. Because each type of necklace can amaze maximally on the right mix & match. Let me not be mistaken, here are five tips for using a necklace according to the shape of the collar.

Round Neck

Round Neck

You can mix and match the round neck type on a t-shirt with a necklace. However, the type of necklace that is suitable for the round neck type is a necklace that fits the neck, aka collar necklace. You can choose a necklace with stone accents or a fringe as a statement so that your casual appearance won’t be boring.


V - Neck

It’s easy enough to find the right type of necklace for an outfit with a V-Neck collar. A necklace model with a pendant or a pendant dangling just above the V-collar can fill in the ‘void’ accent on the neck. However, it must be noted, do not use a necklace that is too long beyond the collar because it will only make the neck look fuller.

Square Neck

Square Neck

The square collar provides a spotlight on the neck area and collar bone. Therefore, a choker type necklace will look beautiful to fill the spotlight. In addition, collar necklace, lariat and princess necklace with large details can also add to the beauty of your appearance, Ladies.

Turtle Neck And Halter Neck

Turtle Neck and Halter Neck

Both the turtle neck and the halter neck cover the entire neck. Therefore, the type of necklace that is suitable for these two types of collars is a long necklace with large pendant details such as an ethnic necklace or beads.

Don’t want to appear too excited? Rope or lariat types with stacked necklace details can be an elegant choice.

Sweetheart Neck

Sweetheart Neck

As the name implies, the sweetheart’s neck is an asymmetrical curved collar model that resembles a heart that is usually found in the wedding or party dresses. Because this collar will give you exposure to the neck and shoulders, the collar bone, Matinee and Bid type necklaces filled with beads or pearl and gem details will be very suitable for your statement look.

There are five tips for using a necklace according to the shape of the collar. By knowing the right type of necklace, elegant looks can be obtained easily, Ladies!

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