5 Healthy Breakfasts In 5 Minutes

5 Healthy Breakfasts In 5 Minutes

Tired of having the typical toast, cookies with milk or orange juice for breakfast?

We propose you some healthy breakfasts. 5 easy, quick and somewhat original recipes to give you strength in the morning.

It is a very important meal because it is responsible for waking up our body after a prolonged fasting period. Healthy breakfasts do not have to take up a lot of time in the mornings, we all know that in many cases the lack of time is responsible for a scarce, not very nutritious, and not healthy breakfast.

Beginning the day with nutritious morning meals will cause our digestion to enact from the early hours of the morning, we will have a better physical performance, we will be more efficient and we will feel better during the day. There are no more reasons for skipping breakfast!

Bon, Appetit and appreciate these sound morning meals, which can be made in a short time and with a limit of 5 fixings.

Turkey And Avocado Fajitas

Fill a small or medium-sized fajita with 3 slices of turkey and a quarter of sliced ​​avocado. We can also add some laminated cherry tomatoes or some lettuce leaves. As a seasoning, we can add a few drops of lemon (the lemon concentrate is very useful). And if you want to improve the recipe, even more, we advise you to add 2 or 3 fresh basil leaves. An easy to prepare, rich and healthy breakfast.

Tomato Smoothie

This recipe is very fresh and provides a lot of vitamins. In a blender or food processor, mix two large tomatoes, 100 ml of tomato juice, 50 ml of apple juice, half a chopped carrot, a little celery (about 15 grams) and ice cubes (to taste). And ready. For the more daring, we recommend a few drops (two or three) of tabasco. What a wake-up.

It is not good or advisable to skip breakfast in the morning or eat too frugal. Skipping breakfast can lead to metabolic problems and obesity.

Spinach And Gouda Omelette.

Beat one or two eggs (depending on hunger) and add salt and black pepper. In a frying pan, heat a drizzle of olive oil and cook a handful of spinach (2-3 minutes). Reserve. Add the beaten eggs to the skillet. When the tortilla is almost done, add about half the spinach, three tablespoons of sweet corn and grated gouda cheese. Fold the tortilla in half so that it looks like a taco and leave over medium heat for a minute so that the cheese melts. And ready.

Greek Yogurt With Raspberries.

This is a very practical and very quick breakfast to prepare. We use Greek yogurt because it has more protein and less sugar than traditional yogurt even though its calorie level is a little higher.

We add 50 grams of raspberries to 150 grams of Greek yogurt (better without added sugar) and mix. That easy. For those with a sweet tooth, you can sprinkle two tablespoons of coconut powder. Terrific.

Trick: use frozen raspberries, so you do not run the risk that they spoil and retain all the vitamins. Take the raspberries out of the freezer the night before and let them thaw slowly in the fridge to release all the juice. They will mix beautifully with yogurt in the morning.

Oatmeal With Apple, Walnuts And Cinnamon.

For two people: mix 125 ml of water with a pinch of salt and bring to a boil. Add a chopped apple, 90 grams of oatmeal and half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Boil over medium heat for 2-3 minutes. Remove and before tasting, add a handful of walnuts and to sweeten a little two or three tablespoons of honey or maple syrup.

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