3 Ponytails That Outline Your Face Better Than Contouring

3 Ponytails That Outline Your Face Better Than Contouring

Ponytails are the trend hairstyle for next year and there are three types that outline and stylize the face as if you had contoured with makeup!

Next, we reveal the three types of ponytails that outline the face and that work better than contouring, thanks to the slimming effect and dimension they provide. You will love the result!

High Ponytail

High ponytail-FashionBeautize

The high pigtails, limp and volume in the crown area, are hairstyle TOP to round or square faces acquire height and effect lifting the face. All you have to do is iron the hair, make a little crepe on the top of the head and style the ponytail in the high point. As an extra detail, surround the elastic that holds the hairstyle with a lock of hair.

Half-up Ponytail

Half-up Ponytail-FashionBeautize

For this hairstyle, we recommend taking inspiration from Hailey Baldwin’s half ponytails with soft waves, which contour the features and give an impression of profile. How to do it?

First, create loose waves throughout your hair, brush them off with your fingers and tease your forehead back. Then, take half of the hair to make a half ponytail, pin it at the highest point of the head, and tuck the rest of the hair to the sides.

Casual Ponytail

Casual ponytail

Here you do not have to worry about perfection or unruly hair, on the contrary! The secret of this ponytail is that it retains its natural texture and has loose strands in front so that they stylize the face frame without the need for makeup. Take reference to this messy ponytail from Blake Lively that, although it seems a bit dishevelled, it shows the volume and elegance to the point.

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